An Old Door
Mar 31
Last week a friend was in Alabama for Spring Break, and she found something cool - an old Airstream door. It was sooo cool - metal and curved with hinges still on it.

Want it want it want it. Bad. The door was only $125! But then I'd have to get it home. Plus I would have to impose upon my friend Suz to buy it and ship it for me. If the shipping wasn't stupidly expensive. That's far too many hurdles. So no Airstream door for me.

And what would one do with this door anyway? Silly silly question - there are so many possibilities. First, it could stay in inventory for future projects - the upstairs closet room, the tower, whatever. Wouldn't that be an awesome closet or cupboard door? How about a door to a small (really small - like in an Airstream) bathroom? A laundry room door.

It's pretty enough to just hang from or set against the wall. Plus it would be an awesome table (sofa table, coffee table) or a buffet table outside. Totally flat is not necessary for a table. How about a bench? For the table or bench a non-permanent base might be best - then you could move this sucker around. Concrete blocks or sawhorses would be fine. You could prop this baby in the garage until you need an extra table. Man, I would use this for an as-needed table until it became a door again.

What about a headboard! But it's in Alabama. Oh well.

And then I came across reuse riot in NY. Do we have one of these in Portland? If we had one of these in Portland, maybe someone would bring an old Airstream door. Reuse Riot is not a total junk-fest, but anything you can cart away is FREE (after $5 admission). Have you noticed the price creep on junk? I'm not talking about cool mid-century furniture or real antiques, but junk. This stuff should not be expensive, and free is very very good. Until then, off to the Rebuilding Center and Habitat for Humanity. I'm on a mission.


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