A Salvaged Halloween
Oct 8
(It's a repeat for a reason - it's Halloween and you need a costume!)

I am putting this out there now so that you can start on Halloween 2014. This is NOT crazy! For those of us who lovelovelove Halloween, it's never too early. Plus, these ideas use salvage / scrap / trash. No purchased plastic crap from the store - that's boring! And you're not boring.

Let's face it. The naughty nurse, devil, pimp, sexy witch have all been done to death. Why don't you be the one to make people laugh, wow them, blow their minds? With these ideas, you can do that - but you need to start collecting now. By next summer you will have hopefully scrounged and collected enough (wrappers, bags, old toys) to make assembly a snap. Challenge yourself to make these costumes while keeping purchasing to the minimum. It's part of the fun, trust me!

My favorite type of costume is what I call "conceptual" - nothing literal like a witch or devil, but an idea. Let's start with a few of those:

1. Check out this white trash costume. Nice, right? A good concept. Put on white clothes and cover yourself with trash - cigarette boxes, beer cans, dryer lint...
2. Now let's spin it a little. How about you dress in blue and cover yourself with plastic bottles, Styrofoam, some dead fish and go as the ocean? You're pollution. Keep riffing on this one. There's lots of opportunity for improv here.
3. Check out this guy covered with dolls. He's a Monster Baby. Now, don't buy these babies, but collect them all year from friends with kids who need to get rid of stuff, garage sales, your own basement.
4. Now, let's spin it - how about you cover yourself with Barbie dolls? Call yourself The Ghost of Unrealistic Body Image. Female Objectification? (FYI - I love Barbie - that bitch has the best stuff. But on Halloween everyone / everything is fair game.)
5. Let's talk candy and junk food. If you have a favorite snack food - Doritos? Little Debbie snack cakes? - collect wrappers all year (please wash them). Cover clothes with them, or make an outfit. You could cover leggings / tights with Kettle chip bags, then make a tunic in the shape of a bag and likewise cover it with wrappers. You're Mr. or Ms. Dorito. The new spokesperson. You're gluttony. And that's scary.
6. Taking this to a different level, you can also BE certain items - like a lollipop. Dress your body in white to be the stick, then make some kind of a big ball to go around your head or on top of your head. Cover it with Tootsie Pop wrappers, as in this photo. You're a Tootsie Pop.
8. Check out this umbrella with stuffed cats and dogs hanging off it. Raining cats and dogs - very clever. You have an extra umbrella somewhere - don't buy one. Ditto the stuffed animals. Collect them all year.
9. Now the spin: how about hanging Ken dolls and GI Joe dolls from the umbrella? Now it's raining men.

Here's a Pinterest board with more ideas for costumes out of salvage, and I'll add to it all year. If you have anything for me, please send a link or a photo! This is fun...

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