Metal in the Yard
Nov 12
Rules, rules, rules. Do you ever feel your life is littered with ridiculous rules? Don't use the chainsaw when you're drunk. Watch out for power lines. Don't flush your alligator down the toilet. Honestly, it's like we're living in a prison state.

Ceilings should be white, decks should be wood, two dishwashers and a pantry are absolutely necessary. Don't remove the tags on pillowcases or mattresses or the police will pound down your door.

Have you ever taken a tag off a pillowcase? Did you then wait, quietly, expecting the police to use a battering ram on your house? Were you shocked when they did not? Based on that successful experiment, would you consider branching out again? Because here's the deal: decks do NOT have to be made from wood. Seriously. Have you noticed that whenever you see articles about what materials to use in the yard, the big issue is wood versus an engineered product? Often concrete, brick, and stone are mentioned, but rarely metal.

But apparently, the times, they are a' changing. Check out this Houzz post on using metal in your landscaping design. What could I possibly add to these fantastic pictures and ideas? Only one thing, really. Metal doesn't have to look this pristine, this polished. It can be a little nutty, just like wood or concrete or brick. Metal edges don't have to be crisp, the lines do not have to be straight, the metal can be painted and the patterns can be random. You can definitely mix textures - combine steel with grating, smooth with pitted, patterned with plain. Interested? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Think rust. Some people prefer what's rusty to the super shine of most new metal. It can add a splash of color and texture to your space.
2. And, again, just like in your house, you can mix patterns, textures, and colors.
3. Don't limit metal to retaining walls and accent pieces. Check the link above - look at those stairs made from metal grid! This grid is also great for pathways.
4. Your metal does not have to be new. Check out scrap yards where the good deals are. If you find a piece that speaks to you, it's likely you'll find a way to use it.
5. Metal mixes very well with splashes of color. It also mixes with wood, concrete, gravel, and grass. A metal base with a concrete top for a table? Sure. A concrete base with a metal top? You bet! The options are endless.

Break the rules - this is your house. If you've decorated yourself with tats and piercings, your car with big wheels and fuzzy dice, take a look at your house. Is it feeling left out? Maybe you need to break a few house rules. (But don't flush your alligator, do watch out for power lines, and stay away from saws of any type when enjoying an adult beverage. Those are all good rules to follow.)

P.S. Here are some great thoughts on breaking the rules from Houzz.


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