eBay and the Closet Remodel - Part 3
Jun 22
More updates in the What I've Sold Lately On eBay Category: All the unopened packages of pantyhose from my office days - about $15 a package; my college calculator - $100; five Swatch watches from the '80s (no working battery in any watch so it's unknown if the watches work, and some of the straps were broken) - about $16 each; a pair of old Ray Ban sunglasses for $25; nonstop clothes and shoes, including swimsuits. Sound crazy? It is. Trust me - you have stuff that will sell!

Update: I've added two pics to this post: numbers 6 and 7. These painted pieces will be used to create the look of pic 4. Pretty cool, right?

I have been spreading joy this holiday season!! No, not with my sunny personality or rapier-sharp wit, though I'm sure that was your first guess. I've been spreading joy from California to Texas to Alabama to the Bronx and Queens by cleaning out my closet and selling the goods on eBay.

No joke, folks. Here's a list of a few of the things I've sold over the past 30 days:

- Two pair of Prada pumps; one for $93 and one for $80
- A pair of Chanel pumps for $123
- A pair of Bally boots for $150
- A Gucci dress for $55 (evening wear is not a big seller)
- A grey pinstripe work dress for $40
- Three of my mom's purses - all of which I'd bought for her, and which she had never used - for $39 and $39 and $53
- An old doll of my mom's for a whopping $180

But wait! That's not all. I sold more: DVD sets, shirts, etc., but this list is getting boring, isn't it? How do I know joy was spread? An educated guess. Some of those shoes above were NIB (seller lingo for New In Box). Getting a brand new pair of Pradas for $93 is a joyful event by definition. And the buyers were everywhere; the doll even went to a foreign buyer! I will send it to a U.S. shipping center and eBay / Paypal takes care of the rest. Joy spreading - that's my thing. Oh yeah, and closet cleaning. Closet cleaning is one of my favorite activities, and making money from that fun? Icing, baby, chocolate icing with sprinkles. Guess what I'm going to do with my Paypal balance? Buying mom a purse she'll use.

Based on the list above, my shopoholic past is evident. If you're saying - How does this help me? I don't have any shoes to sell! - think again! Think outside the closet. Think about collectibles, records, art, DVD sets, for heaven's sake. I sold a Polaroid One-Step camera for $20 - a total shock, and I learned it had value by doing an eBay search. Look at your closet, basement, and attic with fresh eyes. Research prices (do an eBay search!) and get started. It's super-duper-extra-special fun.

I've amped up the selling lately because I've moved everything out of the upstairs bedroom in anticipation of its remodel - it's transformation into a beautiful "closet room". However, nothing moved out of that room will go back in - I'm donating and selling enough items to keep that room empty of all its previous crap. Which means it's time to stop calling it a closet room. It's new name is the crazy yellow room. Currently the room is U.G.L.Y. (Have you ever taken a skills / personality test? A large part of my personality, apparently, is a need to makes things pretty. Please remember: Pretty is relative. Your idea of pretty is likely not mine, and vice versa.)

So, pretty or not, in your estimation, what do you think of the pics above? They do not show the crazy puzzle shelves, as those are on the wall behind the viewer in this perspective. Also, the form of those shelves will be dictated by Anne (at Arciform), the scrap wood, and the guys who will be building said shelves. Mapping them out would be too formal. The rest of the room will be somewhat nutty as well, and the influence for those remaining walls is Escher, as in Pic 3. Confusion and headaches are the inspiration. I think the painted confusion should cover the ceiling per Pics 2 and 4. Pic 1 is too plain for my taste. The reading nook / window seat on the left is a pass-through already existing in the room, which I detest in its current form. It looks out over my living room, camouflaged by the ugly blue shutters in Pic 5. I painted those shutters probably 15 years ago, thinking the blue would get me through to the eventual remodel of the room. Oh, how wrong can one person be! I detest that blue, those shutters, the squareness of the window. And now it's all going to be gone. Can't. Wait!

The materials are ready: Scrap wood for the shelving, scrap metal for the window seat. The room is empty. The house is waiting. Let's get 'er done. The eBay selling, however, will not stop. I'm addicted.

P.S. Where have the donated items been going? Community Warehouse was the recipient of blankets, knickknacks, and photo albums. SCRAP received Rubbermaid bins, large cardboard tubes (why? why were those in the closet?), and photo storage boxes. Multnomah County Library took at least 50 books; Green Century took old cords and modems. Anything thoese wonderful organizations didn't want went to Goodwill. Everything un-useful MUST go!
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