Bars and Bar Carts - You Know You Need ‘Em!
Aug 4
I was recently using the powder room at a friend's house and discovered a lack of TP - everybody's favorite situation. There was none under the sink or in the hall closet. Moving into my friend's bedroom I checked under her bathroom sink. No TP, but there was a bottle of wine and a glass. Folks, there's just no need for this kind of behavior. There are endless salvage options out there - you can have a bar or bar cart in every room of the house! Don't store your wine with the Scrubbing Bubbles.

Do you think I'm joking? I'm not. There are an infinite number of salvaged objects (doors, carts, furniture) that are just begging to hold your liquor - because something in your house needs to hold its liquor! Curious? Let's go down the rabbit hole, Alice, and look at some pretty picture on Pinterest.

First let's consider the Radio Flyer effect. BTW, I would like to thank Pinterest for showing me all these cool red wagons made into carts. This one is my fave. Please note the original wheels and the metal grids holding up the sides. I want one, somethin' bad.

Some creative soul put their wagon top onto a vintage sewing trestle. This is cool, but the mix of genres doesn't work for me. That's OK, because apparently there's about a million ways to turn a trestle sewing base into a bar. Wouldn't this look work particularly well as a bedside table / bar?

Old upright pianos litter the bottom of rivers and lakes all over the country - or so I've read. Old console TVs are another eyesore I see at garage sales. Check out this piano retrofit, folks. Mind blown? Well, hold on, because here's the TV version. This one belongs in an old style den, don't you think?

Vintage suitcases are infinitely useful as storage, and that goes for liquor, too. Usually you see the suitcases mounted on a base horizontally, which is a very cool look. But some enterprising individual thought to create a vertical version. And it even has casters for easy rolling from room to room to patio.

Traditional furniture, such as buffets, dressers, and tea carts, work wonderfully for liquor storage. Sometimes the furniture needs to be retrofitted, and sometimes it works as is. This wardrobe bar has been tricked out and even plumbed (see the sink?). In the pics above is a buffet I use as is for wine, glasses, and bar paraphernalia storage. It's a lifesaver.

What are your thoughts? Where would you like to add a cocktail station in your house? Please, don't tell me your situation is fine, because if your wine is under the sink, really nothing is fine. If your gin is crowded in with the paper towels, get on it!

FYI, remember the TP situation at my friend's house? I finally found it - in the shower. Duh. Obviously.

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