What Would You Do with Extra Space?
Feb 22
I have a grand piano in my house. It's a small house, and the piano takes up serious space.

I preach that people can lose their formal dining rooms and turn them into craft rooms, dens, hobby spaces, whatever. But I still have this damn piano. Yes, damn piano. Although I took lessons for about a million years as a kid, my skill level is minimal, and just looking at the piano brings up memories of recitals (ick) and hours of practice (so much wasted time!). So why haven't I followed my own advice and ditched the instrument? Guilt. Boring old guilt.

Mom had hosted that piano in her house since I was about 12, and it definitely put a crimp in her d├ęcor. Before the ink was dry on my mortgage, the movers were at the door dropping off "my" piano. And it has been really hard for me to move on, to admit that it's a burden. When I mentioned to mom that I was thinking of getting rid of it, she was not happy. Not one bit.

But mom's gone! And since the anger stage of my grief pops up here and there, it's possible that anger could propel the piano elsewhere. And boy, the ideas of what to do with that space (Pic 1) are legion. Many mainly revolve around the notion of couches and daybeds. Oh man! I really wanna buy some furniture. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for that space. First, a second couch would fit wonderfully in the "piano alcove", and this one is numero uno on my wish list. It makes no sense in my house, but that's never stopped me. But really, wouldn't a day bed be better? Yes! Yes it would!!

So here we go: this classic Mies Van Der Rohe is what I've always lusted after, but there is also this variation. And this one! Of course, this may be the best of all, and the most expensive. Then, of course, another option raised its head and disrupted all my day bed dreams. The other option? A hanging day bed! I saw a hanging table in the Palm Springs art museum (Pics 2 and 3), and it got me thinking. Why not hang a day bed? (Arciform could make it from salvaged wood and metal, natch.) Of course, I have a hanging (regular) bed upstairs, so this might be redundant. Or it could be a theme? Do I even like themes? Crap. What a wonderful dilemma.

So, here's the deal. I need to sell the damn piano. I need to sell a lot more clothes and shoes on eBay. This is a problem worth solving, and I need cash to realize my dreams. (My hanging day bed dreams, apparently.) And I will hopefully solve it with a lovely used item from 1st Dibs, while someone else enjoys my piano. Unless it's solved with a custom hanging piece while someone else enjoys my piano.

What are you holding on to that represents some weird guilt that you could jettison from your life? Do it. Sell it or trade it in for something you want. Life is short. Lose the stuff you don't want, don't use, don't care about. Free it all up in your space and in your psyche!
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