Recycled Goods
Mar 1
Do you ever just wanna shop? Go to the store, find something cool, pull out the card, and bring it home? Yep. But if you're trying to not create waste, shopping is a no-no.

Unless! Unless you know a world-class justifier like me. If you know a justifier, they'll find you a way to shop. Here it goes.

1. Look around your house and determine what you really need. Or want, because sometimes shopping is the only cure that works. Your need/want doesn't have to be anything sexy; you might need a laundry basket.
2. Make a list of those sexy and non-sexy items.
3. Try to scratch each item off the list only if you find it used, locally made, or created from scrap/trash/salvage.

Need some examples?
Pic 1 is glasses made from recycled records (like on a turntable), plus a necklace made from metal scrap. I hate selfies, FYI.
Pic 2 is a bucket / basket made from old plastic bags; I use it as a laundry basket.
Pic 3 - a sculpture made from trash from the dump.
Pic 4 - a lovely orange and pink rug made from old straws.
Pic 5 - is a vintage sofa recovered with old tents.
Pic 6 is the classic: vintage jewelry.

And here's a couple more places I recently discovered (courtesy of a friend) make their products from recycled fishing nets. Yes, fishing nets: Flor carpet tiles and Bureo Skateboards. Isn't the Flor carpet exciting news? Who thinks of carpet as a good purchase? It matters, because if you need to shop, you need to shop. Sometimes you need to spruce up the damn house. But shop smart. Shop with reduced impact and reduced guilt.
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