A Good Day In Beaverton - Seriously
May 13
My friend Kris and I needed some retail therapy the other day, but didn't have much time. So we went to Beaverton because there's not much there. Harsh, right? But kinda sorta true?

I am happy to report that Kris and I had a great time. We had lunch and hit four stores, which is pretty much perfect. Plus - here's the kicker - there is a new store in Beaverton in the junk / salvage category. And it's fantastic.

We started with lunch at Watson, which is solid. It's not fancy, but much better than average, plus they have shoestring fries. It also has the added value of being on the same block as two of the stores you'll want to explore when you make the trek.

Rose City Modern has a fantastic selection of furniture, dishes (Pic 1), and d├ęcor, all modern, all very cool. I was particularly taken with a a bizarre set of drapes (Pic 2) and am considering buying them to use as fabric to recover outdoor cushions. What do you think? Crazy good or crazy bad? I have a couple of mottoes that are somewhat contradictory. First, being undecided is the same as a no. Second, if you cannot get the item out of your head, go back and get it. So, I'm currently at the undecided means no stage. If these drapes don't leave my head, however, I'll go back for them.

Next we were off to the Vault, a vintage clothing store. The Vault has moved since we last visited, and it's now a couple of blocks away in a bigger space. The clothes are fantastic (Pic 3), with nipped in waists from the 50s and lean silhouettes from the 30s. There's beautiful vintage fur. There's also contemporary fur, in the form of two large white dogs who call the shop home. They're sweet but fluffy; beware if you have allergies.

Curiosities is close by, but across Farmington and Canyon so it's worth moving the car (you might buy something!). Curiosities is a multi-vendor space, well organized and full of collectibles, clothes, jewelry (Pic 4), and vintage. I was particularly taken with the Tune Tote in Pics 5 and 6. Some tween or teen of an earlier era carried this to parties; it was jam-packed with records. If you like vinyl, you may need to go pick up this musical memory box.

Across the parking lot from Curiosities was a great find: a month-old new store by the name of Union, selling my kind of industrial salvage. From rusty factory bins and pieces of machinery to stools and typewriter tables, this is the place to get an authentic industrial look going in your home. The prices are currently fantabulous; I recommend shopping ASAP. The map drawer in Pic 7 and the metal table in Pic 8 were favorites. If memory serves, the table was about $120. Don't you want it? This store is so new they don't have a website. You should go over there now. Go. Get.

And, report back on your adventures in Beaverton, including your fave food stops. Certainly, there are some great places we've overlooked.
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