An Extra Can of Paint
Jun 19
After your last painting project, did you end up with a spare gallon? Do you ever stop at the paint section at some store and look at all the pretty colors? Yeah, me too. Would you like to try out some of those colors just on a whim, or use up your left-over paint - without committing to a big, expensive project?

Well, here are some ideas for having fun with paint. Since it's summer, you can pull small pieces of furniture or cabinet doors outside and do some painting on a sunny evening after work. Summer is the best time of year for so many reasons!

You've probably painted a dresser before, but have you painted yourself a headboard - right onto the wall? This one is awesome! Decorating a bedroom is often last on the list when it comes to time and money priority. Platform beds are more popular than ever, but they often have no headboard. Here's a solution - paint a block of color for a headboard. If you don't like it - repaint! This would be excellent in a teen's room.

I'm a huge fan of painting a door to cheer up a room. My front door was orange for a long time (pic 1), and that was a fantastic splash of color to come home to every day. Go for the unexpected hue - maybe like this? Don't forget the interior doors! A friend of mine had her kids paint flowers all over a bedroom door, and not only did everyone have fun with that project, the outcome is very cool.

Perhaps the most fun is painting the seriously unexpected, like a thrift store painting. People frequently comment how hard it is to find art and decorate walls. It really doesn't have to be such a challenge, though, because the art doesn't have be anything traditional. If you feel like trying this technique on something other than thrift-store art, how about on a set of thrift-store plates? On old vinyl records (or their sleeves), your grandma's porcelain cups, or old diplomas? Baskets look wonderful dipped in colorful paint. (FYI, I started another Pinterest board for small paint jobs to get you thinking.) Should I paint the planters above (pic 2) - each a different color - or leave them rusty?? Decisions, decisions.

On to a practical problem. Let's discuss that off-gassing problem paint has. Did you know there are companies out there making paint that won't cause a migraine? It's true. One of my faves is Portland's own Yolo Colorhouse - gorgeous, rich colors that won't take you down in a closed room. Yolo paints have:

No reproductive toxins
No mutagens
No hazardous air pollutants
No ozone depleting compounds
No formaldehyde
No phthalates

OK, are you ready? Are you inspired? Get going. Summer's here - time to get your color on (everything)!


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