Ax Heads and Chains
Aug 20
I really really love chain - all chain. Big, little, old - plus new chain has its place. Small chains are easy to use. Combine them with an S hook to hang paintings, clothes, any type of display. But what about the really big chain? Seriously large chain - so big it's hard to lift. What the heck do you do with that if you happen across it?

'Cause if you do run across it, you'll be tempted to buy it. You don't think you will, but you will. Really big chain is freaky gorgeous. Sculptural, primitive, imposing - just cool. Recently I found big chain at Cherry City Metals in Salem (pics 3 and 4), and it got me pondering. What to do with it? I purchased big chain for my deck and used it for railing seen in pic 1. The guys formed an N out of a leftover piece (pic 2) which now sits by the container patio as a nod to wabi-sabi sculpture. Added bonus? Quite an obstacle for those who have been partying. Or even if you haven't been partying.

But is there any brilliant idea use for huge chain? Truthfully, I'm a bit stumped on this one - and, I'm having the same problem with the ax heads (pic 5) I found at Cherry City as well. So after much musing, this is what I came up with. (I hope you can help me out with some better ideas here!)

1. Door stops. I think the ax heads would be better here than chain, and so much cooler that those rubber things at office supply stores. Ax heads even look like door stops. A nice big link or two of chain would also be lovely.
2. A centerpiece. How about a mound of sculptural chain or ax heads in the middle of your Dead Turkey Day table instead of a cornucopia? It would be a conversation starter for sure. Maybe throw some gourds and pumpkins on the chain? That sounds festive and very industrial / funky. Shock the family. It's time.
3. Plant border. Instead of brick, why not use chain or ax heads? People spend years collecting river rock for their yards. This is an alternative collection.
4. Rain chain. Sometimes an improvised rain chain splatters water, so experiment here. Chain could work on its own but ax heads would need to be connected. Either way, a show stopper indeed.
5. Fireplace d├ęcor. I know this is a good idea because it's not mine. A friend has a beautiful mid-century home and has been looking for a big piece of chain to pile up or coil in her fireplace when not in use. Ax heads would interesting here as well, especially if piled in a geometric pattern.

What else? Help me out here, good people. What would you do with huge chain? And have you ever seen the chain that holds anchors on ocean-going cargo ships? Wow. Where can we get that?


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