Case of Bass
Jul 30
[After carrying my little red Case of Bass around for the last weekend and having people comment on it, a re-post seemed warranted. Any guest can plug in and play music, or a favorite off YouTube, whatever. Also! All those videos with crap sound on your phone / iPad? Plug them into the Case of Bass and hear what's going on. This works wonderfully for SNL skits. Watch the iPad, listen to the Case of Bass. It's a multi-purpose tool.]

It's time to think about entertaining outside. Gin and tonic and lime and friends and the smell of Coppertone.

Last summer my deck was out of commission, but this summer it will be inaugurated. I did not wire the deck for sound because there are so many fabulous and inexpensive options for docking your iPod. One way to make certain your computer or phone contributes rather than detracts is to use it in place of other electronics.

So when a friend started talking about Case of Bass, a local start-up that makes portable stereos from old suitcases, I was very interested. Case of Bass retrofits vintage cases with speakers, a dock for your music, a battery and / or an electric plug-in, plus bluetooth. You can get a small suitcase, a large suitcase, a wheelie, a vanity case - pretty much anything (see pic 3 for some of the variety). I went for a smaller vanity size as Ezra, Case of Base founder, said all of the cases will provide more sound than you actually need. This little red number above (pic 1) will get plugged in on the deck during parties, and it will stay in the shipping container when guests are there. I elected for no battery pack to save money and to not use batteries, plus I'm the type to usually be around electricity. I'm using my existing music device, an old suitcase, and some portable speakers. This seems about as low impact as possible to enjoy the jams. Plus I love the look of old luggage.

I had an old suitcase sitting around and took it in for a credit on the red beauty above. If you are sentimentally attached to a suitcase of your own, Ezra will turn that one into your stereo. If not, check out his stock. (They'll be open for first Thursday on May 2 - stop by!) Because let's face it - in Oregon, we need to be prepared to enjoy summer when it arrives and not miss one single day of it. The rain will be back soon enough. Get your tunes ready.

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