Cherry City Update & Some Crafting
Nov 2
Since I have a house project coming up, I'm shopping.

I don't need to shop for the project, of course. I have all the recycled metal needed for my upcoming porch and walkway. More than I need, trust me. The project is just an excuse to go to the salvage yard. Don't scoff - we all do it. It might be Michael's or Cabela's instead of the salvage yard, but we all have our weak spots. Mine's scrap.

So off I went to Cherry City Metals in Salem. There was method to my madness. Cherry City often has a sign collection, and they sell them by the pound. I'm really trying to fill in my fence with signs this winter, so volume is needed. And when it's volume you're after, buying by the pound is the way to go. Check out Pics 1 thru 6 above. See anything you like? Anything you need? Let me help you, because you may not be familiar with how essential scrap is.

Car doors can be anything from art (and you don't have to embellish them) to benches. Chains can be used instead of wire to hang whatever you like. Signs can be tabletops or d├ęcor. Plus, a scrapyard like Cherry City has the joy of the miscellaneous, like a metal horse or a gilt lion. Let your imagination run wild; you'll have tons of fun. Don't wear anything that can't get dirty, and sport real shoes, not flips.

Let's segue into using some of that accumulated inventory. I previously mentioned that some friends wanted to make Christmas trees like this with old frames and costume jewelry. We picked up the frames at antique stores and all pulled out our stores of jewelry, buttons, and glue. My friends all have skill, and their efforts were looking beautiful (Pic 7, for example). Mine, on the other hand, is putrid; it doesn't even look like a tree. I suck at crafts so you won't see any evidence here. However, the jewelry I used was my mom's from the 50s and buttons from my Grandma's button jar. Bottom line? I pretty much adore my putrid tree.

Here's my point: Whether it's jewelry, buttons, scrap metal, or fishing lures, have some fun with your inventory. What are you saving it for? Try a project; if it doesn't work out, try another. Invite your friends over, pour the drinks, put out some snacks and set a glue gun in the middle of the table. Get to it. Trust me, you'll have fun.
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