Crazy Yellow Room (aka That Damn Closet) - Part 4
Jan 13
If you're sick of reading about the crazy yellow room, stop now and go look at some cat memes. I won't hate you or blame you. I will think you're nuts, though, 'cause designing this room is boatloads o' fun. Just check out the photos above!

Perhaps you're saying, What the *#(@ is that guy doing? Why did she post a pic of some random nut job goofing around on a cold warehouse floor? Folks, that's not just any nut job. That's Richard, founder and Chief Nut Job of Arciform, and he's showing off my hamster wheel. See, perfectly logical explanation.

Remember my ugly pass-through (Pic 3)? Really, how could you possibly forget it? It's future shape is an egg, but not a perfect egg. Anne at Arciform is aware of my dislike of all things symmetrical, so she modified the perfect egg shape to be slightly pregnant on one side. What Richard is cavorting in is the frame for the pass-through. That's my egg! If this egg were rolling on the floor, it would roll in an ungainly manner indeed. By the way, this egg shaped opening is now being called a hamster wheel by the guys. (Or "hampster" wheel - please look closely at the writing on the wheel in Pic 2.) These guys can make anything you or I can imagine, but they cannot spell for shit. I think that's a fair trade-off of skills, too. Wouldn't you rather be able to make than spell?

Silliness ensues on any job - as an accountant, we all managed to be silly in the office! - but it might be a tad easier to find the silly in your work when you're creating and making and salvaging. Just a theory - no research has been conducted to verify this statement. My only evidence is the pic of Richard having fun with that egg, and similar experiences with the guys, many captured on film. Silliness does not ever seem to occur with lighting, however. Why the hell is lighting so damn difficult? No use questioning it; it's a fact of the world, like the sky is blue and winter sucks. Beautiful lights are a million dollars. Inexpensive lights look...well, inexpensive. Interesting lights throw off no light. Fixtures that throw off a lot of light make you feel like could perform surgery by them. And yet we must have lights!

For my crazy yellow room, these lights made out of used plastic soda bottles from PET Lamp have finally been ordered! This was a big deal, because we went back and forth with specs, and the purchase occurred via monies paid on PayPal. (FYI, PayPal makes everything easy, such as selecting payment currency. It also says it has purchase protection which I hope I don't ever need to investigate!) OK, number of pendant lights, length of cords, color of cord - all decided and ordered. Then, just for kicks, Anne thinks the room should sport vintage architecture desk lamps, like this one on eBay. Or maybe this one? Decisions, decisions. When immersed in the planning phase of a project, I think it's the most fun. When I'm buying, I think the buying stage is the most fun. Which stage is the most fun? Silly question - all of them! Except perhaps for this: the plastic sheeting phase currently going on throughout the house. Since the pass through goes into the living room, that room is being sheeted off from ceiling to floor. Including the TV. What's a red-blooded American to do without TV? Read a book, evidently, and shop on eBay. Look for lights. Ponder the great questions of the world such as: Why is January such a slog? How many lights need to be made to use up all the plastic bottles in the world?
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