Easy Summer Salvage Projects
Aug 17
In the summer all I want to do is sit in a lounge chair and eat berries. I rarely turn on the stove, much less the TV. Clothes get dried on the patio railing, not in the dryer. Everything seems simpler in the summer, probably because my rule is that all indoor projects go by the wayside from June until October.

The rain will really start in October, and that's the time for filing, cleaning closets, emptying the garage, shopping for groceries, and dusting. I take that back - it's never time for dusting. Recognizing, however, that you may not be the lazy sun worshipper I am, how about some nice easy summer projects? Salvage projects adjusted for the season. Projects you can appreciate and enjoy now, while the days are long and (hopefully) hot.

Let's get started with pallets, a great source for outdoor projects. Do you have skills with a saw and a hammer? How about making this drop down outdoor bar? Um, hell yeah! Feeling more ambitious? Start this outdoor lounge area ASAP. You will be enjoying it before Labor Day.

Used tires are all over the place. Why not make something from them? If you're proud of your tomatoes, check out this snazzy trellis. Your veggies deserve a nice trellis. And wouldn't this coffee table look amazing on your patio? It's spill friendly - if your guests get sloppy, you can just hose it off.

Since you're already in the yard, consider adding a little salvage decoration with pails or bottles. Pails can be really functional, and wouldn't it be nice to use all those wine bottles in your recycle bin for something constructive?

If there's a rainy weekend on the horizon, how about messing around with a little paint. And I do mean a little. Go out in the garage and grab some of those almost empty paint buckets. Make a design on the wall. Make a headboard. Paint a door or a windowsill. Go crazy in a small way, because you should really be shucking corn and BBQing.

Are you hosting a party this summer? Do you decorate for your parties? If you do, consider using some of your patio time to work on eco-friendly decorations. Making garlands on the patio might even be painless - pull out scrap fabric, old buttons, or a stack of maps and get to it. And if you don't finish the garland, don't worry. Summer parties don't really need decorations anyway.

All right, industrious readers - get work on these fun projects. As for me, it's time to put my feet up. It's August.


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