Got Lights?
May 6
Lighting is often the bête noire of home decorating. What with all the ugly, expensive options, don't you just want to string a bulb from the ceiling and call it good? No? OK, then. Get ready for something new. Better, even thrilling options! These two finds speak to a sweet spot of mine - keeping non-recyclables / trash out of the landfill.

The first lighting line is made from old plastic bottles. Check out Alvaro Catalán de Ocón’s PET lamp project. Per the Remodelista article:

The Barcelona-based designer—a 2004 graduate of Central St. Martin’s school of art in London—came up with the concept of combining traditional wickerwork with castoff plastic bottles. In 2011, Catalán de Ocón unveiled the first PET collection, a series of colorful, hatlike pendant lights fabricated by artisans in Colombia. More recently, in collaboration with Si Studio, he’s brought the design idea to a group of wicker artisans in Chile, resulting in a new series, Chimbarongo PET lights, named after the city near Santiago where the shades are woven.

You know how you see something and immediately jump to "Want it. Want it bad."? That happened to me with these lights. Off to the website. I was fearful, because when you love something madly and deeply, it's usually a million dollars. But my first love, this little guy, is only $200! Victory is mine! But then there's this one! And it's only $280. Which to buy? In this situation there is only one thing to do. Buy both. Where will they go? Who knows? Who cares!

The second option offers up lighting made from old incandescent bulbs, which are perfectly horrible for the environment. Castor Design in Toronto has figured out a gorgeous solution to this ugly problem by making lights out of the old tubes. By wrapping the old tubes around bulbs, the crappy incandescent trash becomes the sculptural part of the light fixture. So smart and so cool. They call these torpedoes. Doesn't that make you want to buy a couple of torpedoes? If you do, check out the Castor site. Their lights are also available on Lumens.

Oddly enough, I have one item on Pinterest that's been repinned more than any other. It's the Parts and Labor restaurant in Toronto. That restaurant, FYI, uses these recycled incandescent fixtures. Check it out. And then check out all the other fixtures from Castor in this restaurant (more made from salvaged items!). You may want to hide your credit card before you start. Or not.

P.S. If you really want to make a statement, check out this baby. Fun with lighting!


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