Got Old Vinyl?
Apr 12
I have a friend with old records stacked all over her house. Hundreds of them. Probably thousands. She would like to get rid of them, but where to start? Who wants them? The volume of the collection is intimidating - there are enough black, round disks to build a tiny house in her back yard. What do you do with your vinyl treasures? Sell them one by one? Take them someplace and ask for a lump sum? Donate them?

If building a tiny house or a chicken coop out of your records is not the route for you, how about selling them or finding some other artistic use? Apparently much of the action in the old vinyl market these days is online. Craig Moerer, the owner of Records by Mail, happens to be located in PDX. Cool. My friend is now in touch with Mr. Moerer.

That cannot be the only place to go, though. This is the U.S.! The dental care aisle at Walgreens alone is stuff of legend. We like our options. So yes, there are a million ways to sell your records. For example, Everyday Music in Portland also buys all old CDs, as well as every record I've ever taken to the shop. You may only get pennies for some (many?) of them, but whatever: they get taken. A couple years ago I downsized one wheelie suitcase of CDs / records at a time until my house was empty of physical music. My sale proceeds were spent on digital storage for that music, a type of symmetry that I totally appreciate. I've had no regrets about losing those stacks of CDs.

Did you know about Record Store Day? Like newspapers and magazines, records are a dying medium - or so people say. If you disagree, check out your local stores on April 22, 2017. If you type your zip into this site, you can find participating stores near you. Call first if you want to sell! Don't just show up with your CDs and records. Trust me. Bad idea. Always call first.

How about the artistic option? Reach out to your local art school, co-op, or craft guild. Ask if there's any artist locally who works with old vinyl, or if the guild would like the inventory for a future project. And if none of these options work (though they should), don't forget about the free section of Craigslist and Sometimes carting the piles away yourself is too much of a project, and you just want someone to come and take them away. That's totally respectable.

As for the pics above, they're more curiosities found while cleaning at my friend's house: Victrola records (going to an artist) and a snack from the 1972 NAACP convention. What do you think that's worth on eBay? Anything?
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