If You’re Blue…
Dec 3
The holidays are challenging times in general, but for some people they are freaky hard. Today I was walking down the street and a crow was picking at a freshly run-over squirrel. A truly disgusting sight. And my brain immediately went to: "Ahhh, the holidays".

It wasn't always like this for me, and hopefully it won't remain so. I hope to find the Christmas spirit again, but right now that fucker is hiding. If you're in a similar mood, what do you do to cheer yourself up? Please tell me, and in return I will share my tips for mood enhancement. Because the holidays shouldn't be this GD painful. Here's a start:

1. Funny podcasts are life savers. Most recently I've discovered Lena Dunham's interviews with various women. They are funny and touching and absolutely diverting and occasionally filthy. Also try the Serial podcast (not funny - it's about a real murder). Captivating! You won't be able to stop listening!
2. Streaming will eat hours of your day. What's your pleasure? Old fashioned crime shows? Try Matlock or Murder She Wrote. Romance? I can personally recommend Korean dramas. Keep browsing and let Netflix provide suggestions based on viewing history. Now is definitely the time of year to lose yourself on the couch. Get a warm blankie and make your coffee table a fortress of things you might need: tissues, booze, food, adult diapers.
3. Work out. Gyms tend to empty out this time of year, so it's a good time to try out classes and develop a new hobby. Go ahead, get obsessed with fitness. You've tried everything else - why not this?
4. Volunteer. Have you noticed how cold it is? Collect clothes for the homeless, serve dinner at a shelter. Taking your mind off your issues is always a good move, and becoming more aware of others gives perspective. Plus, seeing the state of the lives of others is often a schadenfreude-type mood enhancer. It's not pretty, but there it is.
5. Take a trip. If you have the means, get the hell out of dodge. This is no time to be tough. Go someplace you have always wanted to see, someplace that doesn't celebrate the holidays, someplace completely different than your norm. Communist countries often frown on religion, so don't rule them out.
6. Take an online class. Learn Spanish, how to change the oil in your car, CPR, pole dancing. Learning occupies the brain and maybe even releases muchly needed endorphins.
7. Clean your closet. Pull everything out, donate the stuff you don't wear, take the ripped and stained items to a fabric recycler. Cleaning often lifts the mood. If it works for you, start opening drawers and keep sifting, organizing, cleaning, purging. Kicking off the new year with less crap is quite liberating!
8. Buy your favorite snack food and over indulge. It's the holidays, people - when else should you do it? As a bonus, sometimes if you over-indulge you ruin your taste for something. Remember the first time you got drunk on tequila? Have you ever had tequila again? Now's the time to get Doritos out of your system for good. Eat till you hurl.
9. Buy yourself a treat - a real treat. Make sure it's something you can use over the holidays, like a ski pass or a tiara.

Please please send on your tips for holiday distractions. I need more of them. Desperately.

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