Lemons into Lemonade / Plastic Bags into Treasures!
Jul 12
You've probably heard the phrase "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade", right? Your cable goes out so you start a new book instead of watching more re-runs. You're stuck in traffic so you call a friend and catch up (using hands-free technology, of course).

You're disgusted by plastic bags, so you weave a rug out of them.


I ain't pulling your leg, baby - weave a rug out of those plastic bags. Or make a bracelet. Turns out there are some really cool things a regular person can actually make with those hideous-for-the-landfill bags. Check out this article from Odewire, and feel free to marvel at the ingenuity of your fellow humans. Who thinks of this stuff? My absolute favorite is this outdoor pillow, because it's possible I could actually do this one myself! For this terrific addition to your summer lounging plans, consider using vintage fabric, dishtowels, or pillowcases.

Now you're probably saying, Hey lady, I haven't used those GD plastic bags in years. What are you smokin'? You're right. Most of you probably have no plastic bags in your house. But if you ask your family or friends, you'll find that some of them still use those insidious bags and have them stockpiled. Clean out their closet, make a rug, help the environment.

Looking for another project? How about something creative with old tires - like planters for your yard. These on Inhabit are sweet, but if you're looking for a zero / low-cost alternative, make your own. (FYI: I've picked up old tires for free at local tire shops. Steel belted are harder to cut.)

Also, if you have to purchase yard furniture, make lemonade out of that chore by checking out Loll. This table is basically made from recycled milk jugs, is easy to clean, and is all-weather suitable. It's spendy but will last. Did I mention the table is all weather? And it ships from Duluth - relatively close (as opposed to India or China).

OK - time to make some lemonade. Which project is for you?


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