Let’s Mix It Up
Nov 6
Currently I'm having a slight problem with Korean drama addiction. Sleep, books, the yard have all fallen by the wayside as I watch Master's Sun and Healer. And so much more. I'm hoping this is just a phase, but don't really care. And, at least, I can still surf while reading subtitles. That's something, right? Which is how I came across this post about mismatched bar stools.

(BTW, the John Legend / Chrissy Tiegen barstools are really cool.)

Frankly, folks, if mismatching were an Olympic event, yours truly would be in the running for the gold. I love too many things to commit, and I love chaos in decorating. Do you hate mismatching? Lots of people do. And yet! I bet you just think you do. Take another look at that Legend / Tiegen kitchen. It is beautifully styled, and the mismatch quotient is quite subtle: stools all by one designer, in one material. Does this even count as chaos? Maybe not, but it's on the spectrum. (I love the phrase "on the spectrum". It applies everywhere.) And you could find a place on the mismatch spectrum, too. Let's consider other areas where you might dip your toes into the madness of not committing to a single style, color, look, era, or (fill in the blank).

1. Kitchen chairs flow so naturally from the "bar stool" category I'm almost ashamed to list it. On the classy and minimalist end of the spectrum you could try buying the Philippe Starck Ghost chair in both black and white. White on one side of the table, black on the other, like a cool chess board. On my end of the spectrum? Buy one of every chair you've ever loved. Buy them used. Take your time locating the perfect chairs.
2. Throw pillows are the simplest category here. Stick to your favorite colors and make or buy in any pattern you like. Do not repeat patterns. Don't!
3. Curtains are often overlooked, which is such a shame. They can make a real statement, particularly if you don't match them. Does that thought make you squirm? How about mixing in a crazy pattern over one window with subdued and solid in the rest of the room. Just dip your toes into the chaos.
4. Sheets are a wonderful way to practice mix and matching. Stick to a color scheme to start: try blue and yellow. Do not buy more than one sheet or set of pillowcases in any pattern. Mix your checks, stripes, florals and solids at will.
5. Dishes and table linens can offer an elegant and eclectic table. If you have the storage space, feel free to collect all the vintage dishes you like (or new, if that's your thing). When setting the table, mix a solid with a pattern. Add another pattern. If you feel like it, make every place setting a different combo of dishes. Do the same with the napkins and silverware. Go crazy.
6. Towels, gorgeously colored towels, are perfect in a neutral bathroom, which seems to be the trend these days. Try red / white / blue for the summer and pastels for the spring. If everything else in there is neutral, why not?
7. Copy John and Chrissy by playing around with a Designer's work! Let the designer do the mixing for you. Buy those Ghost chairs, and then try something else from Philippe Starck - something with color, perhaps. When you get bolder, add a second designer to the mix.

What do you think? Does the idea of not sticking to a single look appeal? Trust me, once you start you'll become addicted. Just like with Korean dramas.

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I absolutely hate match-y homes! There is so little character in a home that has matching furnishings it always reminds me of opening a catalog and buying sets which takes no imagination.

A friend a few years back had a kitchen table built that would seat 18. It was huge and gorgeous for her family gatherings. When it came time for chairs she went to auctions and antique shops and purchased no more than two of any one style. Her feeling was that each person has a different shape and therefore with so many different styles everyone sitting at her table should be able to find a chair to suit their comfort. She was right. Every member of her family (and friends) who visit her seeks out a particular chair as their favorite.

By Lois@theecograndma.com on 07/11/2015

That sounds fantastic, from the HUGE table (I'm jealous - I can seat three!) to the mismatched chairs. Perfection.

By Nancy Ranchel on 08/11/2015

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