Let’s Revisit the Old Encyclopedia Issue
Mar 21
Over the years I've had people ask me how to use / reuse / recycle some items that have really stumped me.

Old trophies? My favorite idea is mounting them on the wall and using them as coat hooks. Painting them cool colors and turning them into art is a close second, though. And some genius turned them into ornaments.

Pics 1 and 2 showcase a really tough problem. This is an old hard plastic slide holder. I've got nothing: the best idea out of my little brain is to make some kind of wreath or candle holder from it. Those aren't even full-blown ideas, are they?

And then there were the questions about encyclopedias. Does anyone want them? Is there anywhere to donate them, or offer them up for re-use? Does any artist use them for...anything? After much research and endless phone calls, the answers were as follows: no, no, and no. If you wander the antique shops in any town you will come across an encyclopedia set, and who knows how many exist in basements and attics the world over. What to do with them? No idea. And then I came across this house, where the owner upholstered the stair risers with old book and encyclopedia spines and rulers. This is genius, IMHO. The original intent was to cover a wall with the books and rulers, but there weren't enough! I love that (my friend Suz put one book on her wall and it's fab - see Pics 3 and 4). Guess what? There are enough encyclopedias out there to cover a stadium. If you like this look, put out a call on Freecycle for sets of Britannica and have at it. And, if you do make this design dream work, please, please send me a pic.
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