Lighting Refresher - Something Salvage, Something New
Aug 26
A friend recently asked, "Do you know of an interesting but not ridiculously expensive lighting store?"

Jeez, there's a question for the ages. That one's just about as tough as "What's the meaning of life", or "Do I look fat in these pants?"

I take it back. Finding cool lighting for a non-401K-raiding price is probably a bigger issue than those other questions. We've covered this before, but lists of great lighting stores bear repeating.

1. Old Portland Hardware: This is one of my favorite places in town. Here I found an old operating room pull-down light, retrofitted heat lamps now used as sconces (see pics 1 and 2), explosion proof lights for outside, a spotlight for get the idea.
2. Rebuilding Center: You've got to go often, and you've got to dig, but there is cool stuff here and mega deals.
3. The Old Above: I haven't bought anything from this store yet, but it's just a matter of time.
4. SchoolHouse Electric: A local company with a big presence. Schoolhouse uses old forms to make new lights. Cool stuff and good prices.
5. Rejuvenation: I'm not fond of the new stuff. But I do love the old stuff (see pic 3).
6. Eleek: Amazing lights from a favorite Portland company (pic 4). Plus, check out their "sustainability" page. Very nice.

That's my hit list. Short and sweet. If you've got a place for me to check out, send it on and we'll add it to the mix. If you know the meaning of life, keep it to yourself. I prefer to be surprised.


there's also Hippo Hardware. Their website isn't up and running completely yet, but you can wonder around their lighting floor for hours.

By leo on 26/08/2014

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