Lights From Baskets
Mar 14
Let's revisit that light fixture problem for the millionth time.

Can we all acknowledge how hard it is to find good light fixtures? And have you noticed that even really ugly fixtures are super spendy? Well, check out what the creative folks at Remodelista got going: basket lights.

I would like to add my own two cents here. Remember those old three tiered hanging baskets from the 80s / 90s? Perhaps you had a yellow one, like I did. Well, turned upside-down that hanging basket would look awesome over my kitchen table as a light fixture. If you have ugly lights throughout your house, consider finding a wire, mesh, or traditional basket and rigging it to cool bulb / wire combo. Did you see the first picture in the post? This looks like a fishing basket. How about a crab pot? Are they too stinky? And don't forget to wrap your wire over an open beam if you have one for a cool / urban look.

Go to your attic or garage, or the garage of a relative and see what you can find. Bet you discover something really great to repurpose as a light!

What do you think of this plumens bulb? If you use a found or free basket, perhaps you can splurge on a cool bulb. And don't forget that you can buy colored fabric cord now, though the industrial orange stuff is really nifty and cheap.

Let me know of any successes in the search for alternate lighting. I'm obsessed, and I have some ugly lights over here (the pics above could both be replaced with a basket).
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