Meet This Amazing Deck
Apr 29
Check out this fantastic deck!

I don't know about you, but this deck blows my mind. What do you think? I think it's amazing. Now, here's something I have noticed. Many people will look at this picture and say, Cool, but I don't live on a hill. Or, This wouldn't work in my yard because...(fill in the blank). But that's not true, naysayers. If you like this space (think it's pretty or interesting or unusual), there are take-aways here for you. And if you don't like it at all, there might still be take-aways to inspire your next outdoor project. Don't believe me? OK, Ned / Nelly Negative. Read on:

First of all, this deck is a lesson in how to deal with awkward spaces. Whether you live on a hill, have an odd shaped yard, or a mix of sun and shade in your garden, there are always options. This family decided to use the hill to create terraces and multiple spaces for hanging out. By use of paths, planters, different plantings, or tucked away tables, you can partition a square yard. By building up or taking advantage of corner spaces, you can use unusual areas. An awkward space might be a challenge, but sometimes a challenge is tons of fun.

How would you describe the mood of this yard? Mood is part style, and the style here is modern, but mood doesn't end with style. There is color in this yard, too. Turquoise and orange offer a nice contrast against the natural materials used. There is quirkiness to be found in the décor, plus some hedonism in the hot tub. And surprise! - betcha visitors to this yard don't know what to expect as they turn each corner. Surprising, colorful quirkiness may not be the mood you're going for, but your outdoor space can have any mood you like. If you don't know what that mood is, start browsing on Pinterest. Create your own deck or patio board. Pin what you like, and pretty soon the mood, style, feel you like best will become apparent.

One of my favorite elements in this deck is its movement. While it's possible the shape and nature of this yard made the movement necessary, it can be achieved in any yard. I have friends with a small backyard, but by partitioning part of the area into a raised deck, part into a fire pit, part into a covered patio, the yard is now a series of small rooms, requiring people to move around and visit. I liked that concept so much I tried for the same effect in my yard. Now there are multiple seating areas and no single area in which to congregate. That movement was part of the mood I wanted.

Did you notice the metal in this yard? Here it's in the form of sculpture, railings, and décor, plus a really cool shelf. If you like the look of that metal, remember that you can use metal any way you like. Retaining walls? Sure. Pathways? Why not? Mix and match where you like.

Perhaps the best lesson here is about mixing your materials. This yard uses, metal, wood, stone, pavers, concrete - you name it. And it works. Many of these materials can be salvaged. Sometimes, the materials you find will dictate the mood you wish to capture or develop.

Don't throw out your salvage! Save the pieces of whatever you tear apart and re-use it. Check out the patio in this yard with the turquoise chairs - made from the concrete saved from the demo of the old patio. Super cool, super beautiful.

Need retaining walls? They don't have to be only made from wood. Think recycled products: salvaged wood, salvaged metal, broken concrete, brick from Craigslist, whatever.

Squeeze in the hot tub! The takeaway here is to figure out a way to include some feature you thought would be impossible to incorporate. Whether it's a hot tub or a porch glider or a fire pit, you can figure out a way to make it fit, make it work in your yard space.

Did you realize there was so much to learn from pictures of a yard you might not even like? There is. When people use their ingenuity to create a space, there's always a take-away. Explore designs and get inspired for some creative options for your new and improved yard!



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