So, a Friend Has an Old Jacquard Pillowcase…
Mar 24
A friend texted me today with a question. She has an old throw pillowcase in jacquard material (a densely woven patterned fabric), and wants to know what to do with it. It's 18x18 inches - a decent size.

You know I love this sort of query. The question is basically an invitation to sit down, stream some crime show, and browse Pinterest. Some people probably use Pinterest for intellectual pursuits, but not I. At my house, Pinterest is for researching uses for old pillowcases.

1. My first project suggestion is to use it as a garland. If you tend to decorate for parties by going to Party City and buying a bunch of paper or plastic (the dreaded P word) decorations, halt! Stop reflexively buying plastic crap. Start making party garlands instead. Of course, one 18x18 pillow will not make a very big garland but it will get you started. Keep adding old pillowcases or whatever else you have sitting around, and pretty soon you'll have garlands everywhere. Multi-colored garlands, kid garlands, adult themed garlands (I have no idea what that would be) - you get the idea.

2. Old pillowcases lend themselves to becoming a shopping bag, purse, tote, iPad case, or Halloween candy carrier. A pillowcase from your bed only needs the ends cut away to make a simple strap. With my friend's 18x18 decorative pillow case you could easily add straps. Voilá.

3. Use the old pillowcase as a base for a new one. Whether you embellish with counted cross stitch, embroidery, buttons, or fabric flourishes, an old pillowcase in a size you like is a great starting point for something new (to you). Why get rid of it? Modify.

4. A child's skirt or dress uses about a pillowcase worth of fabric. So many of you out there have the skill to do this, and little kids look awesome in this stuff. Make apparel for the nieces and grandkids. Take pictures and post them on your Pinterest page. Be the envy of all.

5. How about some wall art? Often people are perplexed by their blank walls and how to use the space. Whether it's a lack of funds to buy what you truly want, or whether what you truly want is unknown, old fabric can be a nice placeholder. Fill some embroidery circles or picture frames with old pillowcase fabric and hang 'em on the wall for a fun craft look.

6. Aprons are hot items in some circles. I have a friend who makes these out of scrap leather, and another friend who wears some for work, some for sexy occasions. All good, and remember: an apron made from scrap pillowcases is easy to throw in the wash.

7. Sell the old pillowcase on eBay. No joke - I just sold three Bella Notte throw pillows on eBay this week. They were practically new and a well-known brand, so they went fast. It could work for you too!

Would someone please send me another question like this? I need an excuse to watch another season of The Wire. And here's the Pinterest page for more inspiration.
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