The Hunt is Over
Dec 17
I live in a small house. In my mind that means that I should only buy cool stuff. The logic goes like this. If I only have one table, and only one light over that table, both had better be cool.

Of course, you can apply that logic to a big house, too. (If you only have three tables, they need to all be cool. Or to view this conversely, what in the house should not be cool? That's a tough one. Even a play room that gets trashed by hyperactive children can be cool.)

Back on topic, I have by no means achieved the appropriate level of cool or incredible - that WOW reaction - with every last thing in my house. But for all of you who understand the thrill of the hunt, you know there's no particular hurry. Two weeks ago the monumental search for the light that would go over the kitchen table (my only table) was finally over. And the light was already in my possession. How cool is that? That damn light was bought and paid for - an early Christmas present to me.

This particular light is an old articulated surgical lamp - it moves up, down, sideways, and it rotates (see Pic 1 for the swivel arm). Though it was purchased for use on the deck, it never found a place out there. It needs to be in a sheltered place, and as most Oregonians know, our rain is frequently sideways. This light is too cool to be ruined by sideways rain. The light bulb moment (I know, I know) came while brainstorming possible locations for it inside the house. And look where it ended up!

Because the lamp rotates 360 degrees around the table, plus extends, I can point it halfway to the couch (it's a small house - remember?). And because most of this house has poor lighting - I am attracted to lovely fixtures that produce next to no light - the surgical lamp has been pointed at the couch almost permanently. Spotlighting the "nest" area where the laptop sits. My comfort zone.

Check it out - doesn't it look like that Pixar bouncy lamp (Pic 2) they show during opening credits? Pretty nifty.
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When did all this happen?

By Pat on 18/12/2012

Last week? Or perhaps the week before - very recently. But I bought the light over a year ago. I'm not sure you ever saw it.

By Nancy Ranchel on 18/12/2012

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