What the Hell Is Plastic Wrap Anyway?
Apr 1
I love Oprah. I read her mag every month and get the online alerts. But I don't always love the tips in her magazine / site. Sometimes they're wasteful and even - dare I say it? - a little plastic-y. For fun, let's analyze this article on the (sarcasm alert) delightfully creative ways you can use plastic wrap to improve your life.

No hating allowed here, judge-y people. Instead let's think up ways to accomplish all the below "plastic wrap hacks" without the dreaded plastic wrap. What the heck is that stuff anyway? If aliens landed on earth, how would we explain plastic wrap? See, it's this plastic stuff that sticks to itself. If you can get it to work, it keeps your casserole from slopping over in the back of your car on the way to a BBQ. How embarrassing. Obviously they would consider us a lesser society ripe for takeover. We've invented great things on this planet (a personal fave is contact lenses!), but plastic wrap? Not our best effort.

I'm working under a couple of assumptions here. First assumption: You agree that doing any type of project with plastic wrap is hell. The stuff requires Olympic athlete levels of coordination. Second, it's bad for the environment, which is general knowledge. Therefore, using it for elective and non-critical life hacks is wasteful. Now, on to our list of smart hacks:

1. Prevent Bottles from Exploding While Traveling: As someone who has traveled for years for both work and fun, let me tell you my best trick: don't fill your bottles too full. As an added measure, keep them in a re-usable bag, like an Eagle Creek bag. If they explode you just wipe out the bag. No plastic wrap needed.
2. Remove Cork Taint from Wine: Skip the plastic wrap and return the wine. If the store doesn't refund your money, stop shopping there. Also, metal caps don't have this problem, so maybe switch brands.
3. Repair a Shattered Makeup Compact: Have two compacts: an unbroken one for travel and the shattered compact, which stays at home to minimize mess. Consider switching to loose powder or some other product that doesn't provide potential shards of glass or plastic.
4. Keep Drawers and Cabinets Closed While Moving Furniture: Rock your move old school style: use rope, twine, and cords to keep drawers in place. Or go a little more modern and use bungee cords.
5. Make Removable Labels: This also seems to be about labels for moving. Again, let's go old school here: use paper tags with string ties.
6. Protect Your iPhone While at the Beach : Folks, there's only one way to keep your phone safe at the beach. Zip it away in a water / sand-proof container and don't use it until you leave. This is what the out-of-office message is for: There's no work talk today because I'm at the playa working on my tan.
7. Create Gorgeous Marble Nails : This can be done with water, a toothpick, and lip balm allowing you to skip the plastic wrap and scotch tape use. (NSR question: Are marbled nails nifty enough to justify the amount of work and equipment required to get the look? I'm voting no.)

OK, one more thing: if you're a plastic wrap ninja with mad skills, covering bizarrely shaped containers without needing a Valium, you may not want to give up your plastic wrap habit. Please try one new trick: invest in a starter set of Abeego linen wraps and give them a test drive. They're cool and they smell nice. They don't have a nasty little razor / saw attachment that will cut the crap out of your hands. And they biodegrade. Stop buying plastic wrap forever, and be suspicious when you read about life hacks that encourage plastic use.

Exercise over! That wasn't so bad, was it?
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I gave up plastic wrap years ago. Now to find a replacement for ziploc bags. I have a small chest freezer and containers take up too much space. Yes, I can reuse the plastic bags but I'd love another solution. I looked into butcher paper but it's no longer coated in wax but plastic. Ugh.

By Lois@ The Eco Grandma on 09/04/2015

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