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May 5
Nobody ever asks to see my vacation photos. Know why? Because my photos are mostly trash - and I don't mean my composition is lousy, and I'm not being self-critical. When on a trip, I mainly take pics of local trash and pollution, and of recycling efforts. If there are any. It's not intentional, but when I get home, that's all that's on the camera. Trash.
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May 3
You're probably familiar with this procrastination technique: reading everything you can find on the internet about some random topic. The topic is not important! The history of galoshes? Crucial information, particularly if it keeps you from cleaning the bathroom.
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Trade Shows & Waste
Apr 22
My friend Eve recently texted me from a publisher's trade show in L.A. She was reporting on ridiculous event policy, which probably has its own hashtag. She took her re-usable cup to the trade show, but the coffee vendors wouldn't fill it. It was against their rules.
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Cuba Prep - Part 2
Mar 31
Cuba has been forbidden fruit to Americans, and it's logical that we want to visit the isle. Many Americans have wanderlust, and the means to satisfy that urge. There are places all over the world that rely on tourist dollars to get by. Cuba is definitely one of those places. So, if you're (still) inclined to make the trek, let's talk about what you'll see and experience.
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Cuba Prep - Part 1
Mar 30
Considering a Cuba trip to keep up with the Obama family? There's good news if you are: Starwood is planning to manage two hotels on the island. This means more flights to Cuba, and it's possible individuals will no longer need government approval before traveling. Even this week before Obama landed, it was announced that US banks can now accept / honor transactions made in Cuba. Progress!
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Feb 23
Recently I was hanging with friends, one of whom had just been to the doctor. She was bandaged up and changing ice packs every few hours. Ick, right? She threw out an old ice pack (the single use only variety) and looked over at me. I know, I know, she said. It's plastic. It's waste. It's bad for the environment. (But good for the bruises.)
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Feb 3
Let's start with a video. I'm hoping it'll freak you out, but don't worry: nobody dies. There's a little blood, but it's not scary. There are no intestines being pulled out of a body, no chainsaws, and no ridiculous plot lines copied from earlier and better movies. There is just an uncomfortable turtle - and the turtle lives. But this video will probably freak you out anyway. Curious?
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