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Creating Zero Garbage
Dec 9
Recently I've come across two new (to me) and nifty articles on creating zero garbage. Let me introduce you to Lauren Singer, who hasn't created any trash in two years! I love this idea, and I aspire to it. And yet, I also fail miserably every day in my pursuit of zero garbage.
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The Religion of Less
Dec 4
I am in the middle of a fantastic book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. The author, Marie Kondo, is a professional organizer / declutterer from Japan, and she treats the process of discarding like a religion. Like a religion!
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Nov 21
Let's discuss my design nemesis, Shannon. Perhaps you're saying, Ummm, aren't you being a little dramatic with the nemesis crap? I think not. Shannon and I both have days jobs, so we're not designers. That's an exaggeration. But the nemesis part is true. While we're both heavily involved in the remodeling of our own homes, Shannon, in addition to having good taste, actually has skills. He welds. He paints. His own very competent acts of being and doing really get to me. Obvs.
Nov 18
Have you ever seen a collection of broken items? I'm not talking about the broken stuff in your junk drawer, or the broken toys in the upstairs closets, or the broken Christmas ornaments you cannot bring yourself to discard. I'm talking about broken stuff that is collected intentionally and appreciated. Maybe even loved.
Repair Café in November
Nov 14
OK folks, have you been to a Repair Café yet?
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Presents from the DIYer
Nov 6
(A repeat - because it's timely!)

In the spirit of giving, do you go a little nuts during the holidays? Do you try to get everyone exactly what they want, cost be damned? Is your Christmas bookended by piles of shopping bags and trips to the mall on one end, with torn gift wrap and smashed packaging on the other?
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Oct 30
Is it profitable to decrease the trash you send to the landfill? The answer for companies may be a resounding YES. Check out this recent article from the NYT about Rubicon Global.
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Oct 17
Recently a group of friends discovered that when using a restaurant or store bathroom, I take home the empty TP roll if I use the last of it. I do this to recycle it. Think about it. If you throw it in the trash, where does it go? Um....the trash. So I take it home and recycle it.
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Oct 1
While grating cheese today, I noticed, for the millionth time, how awesome a grater would be for hanging earrings. Think about it! All those little holes in a box grater are just made for hooking and displaying your earrings.
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Is Your Hobby Taxidermy?
Jul 2
Super cool article in the paper a while back. It turns the journalistic lens on a group of people taking a class to learn about stuffing dead mice to make anthropomorphic vignettes, the kind you would see in a Beatrix Potter novel. Check this out these great pics.
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