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Feb 22
I have a grand piano in my house. It's a small house, and the piano takes up serious space.
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Aug 17
In the summer all I want to do is sit in a lounge chair and eat berries. I rarely turn on the stove, much less the TV. Clothes get dried on the patio railing, not in the dryer. Everything seems simpler in the summer, probably because my rule is that all indoor projects go by the wayside from June until October.
Aug 4
I was recently using the powder room at a friend's house and discovered a lack of TP - everybody's favorite situation. There was none under the sink or in the hall closet. Moving into my friend's bedroom I checked under her bathroom sink. No TP, but there was a bottle of wine and a glass. Folks, there's just no need for this kind of behavior. There are endless salvage options out there - you can have a bar or bar cart in every room of the house! Don't store your wine with the Scrubbing Bubbles.
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Jun 22
More updates in the What I've Sold Lately On eBay Category: All the unopened packages of pantyhose from my office days - about $15 a package; my college calculator - $100; five Swatch watches from the '80s (no working battery in any watch so it's unknown if the watches work, and some of the straps were broken) - about $16 each; a pair of old Ray Ban sunglasses for $25; nonstop clothes and shoes, including swimsuits. Sound crazy? It is. Trust me - you have stuff that will sell!

Update: I've added two pics to this post: numbers 6 and 7. These painted pieces will be used to create the look of pic 4. Pretty cool, right?

I have been spreading joy this holiday season!! No, not with my sunny personality or rapier-sharp wit, though I'm sure that was your first guess. I've been spreading joy from California to Texas to Alabama to the Bronx and Queens by cleaning out my closet and selling the goods on eBay.
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Ever Been to an Auction?
Jun 8
My friend Lori, she of the ongoing kitchen remodel, had some furniture to sell. Table, chairs, light fixture, china cabinet. While these were still good pieces, their days were numbered. The new kitchen was rendering them obsolete. They needed to go.
Apr 14
Is there anything better than a cool chair? This recent post got me thinking about what makes a chair cool. While style is certainly important, coolness to me is more about provenance. I want to be able to brag about my chairs. To say They're antique library chairs. Or perhaps, They're made from old Coke bottles.
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Mar 23
Artist Allison May Kiphuth's dioramas in tiny boxes blew my mind this morning (thanks Colossal!). Boxes come in all sizes, though, and there's so many ways to use them. Here's an old post....

While recently scanning Houzz articles (one of my favorite activities), I came across this freakishly cool bar made out of pallets and crates.
Jan 29
As usual I was reading instead of working, and found this post about unconventional coffee tables. Love the post! But where would you find the materials to make these unconventional beauties? I'm here to tell you where, folks, and to expand upon the idea of unconventional. Using salvage of course.
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Free Art at the Museum
Jan 22
This post needs updating yet again! The New York Public Library has joined the club of fantastic organizations offering hi-res images for free. Stuck in the snow this weekend? Keep yourself from going stir crazy by planning projects.

re: place note: This is a repeat! Why? Per a recent post on on Colossal, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has just released 400,000 images for download. (As an aside, check out the chains in pic 4 of the Colossal post! So cool.) The post below has some ideas about using those images around the home....

Have you heard about all the free stuff they're giving away at the museum? Seriously. Free art. Want to know more?
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The January Blues
Jan 13
Do you get the January blues? I do, and this year I have 'em bad. And it's not because I'm missing the holiday season. On the contrary - I'm absurdly relieved to have the holiday season in the rear-view mirror. Buh-bye! And, don't hurry back.
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