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Dec 17
Modern furniture and modern style are both super popular these days, with good reason. Simple, clean furniture and design can be classy and calming, all in one. What's not to love?

(This is a repeat. I wrote something new, but it's crap. Back to the drawing board for that one.)
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Nov 25
Christmas is now on full display in Costco, in all its plastic glory: Trees, decorations, lights, bizarre nutcracker men. All mass-produced, all shipped from somewhere, and most wrapped in plastic.

(Yes, it's a repeat - but a timely one!)
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Let’s Mix It Up
Nov 6
Currently I'm having a slight problem with Korean drama addiction. Sleep, books, the yard have all fallen by the wayside as I watch Master's Sun and Healer. And so much more. I'm hoping this is just a phase, but don't really care. And, at least, I can still surf while reading subtitles. That's something, right? Which is how I came across this post about mismatched bar stools.
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Dream Homes
Nov 4
I saw a silly meme the other day: Why should I feel guilty for having my dream home?
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Sep 30
Does this happen to you? You go to pull out your recycling, and you notice the freakish amount of liquor bottles in the glass bin. You pause. You think about what the recycle guy (mine are guys) must think of you. You hope that instead of judging, they just wish you'd invite them to your next party. But you suspect they're judging.
Sep 24
[It's a repeat, but a timely one! Winter is coming (boo! hiss!) and the bed as a refuge for cold weather is a fact of life. So how's your sheet situation?]

As Kermit famously noted, It's not easy being green. There are so many factors to consider when trying to live an easy-on-the-environment life. This Remodelista article got me thinking about green or eco bedding.
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Maximalism and Salvage
Sep 16
Years ago I was trying to put a label on myself - design-wise. Labels are stupid, of course, and frustrating. And insidiously addictive. While I protest loudly against them, in the middle of the night I'm susceptible too - what's my design philosophy? I knew I wasn't a minimalist - never that! - but whatever the direct opposite of minimalism is, that would probably describe me. Maximalism? Was that even a thing? Turns out it is, and I would say I'm a type of maximalist - a salvage maximalist.
Aug 20
I recently read and really enjoyed this Apartment Therapy post about finding the joy in the imperfect. It points out that imperfections make your home feel more lived-in and more livable. This is very true! Who hasn't seen an immaculate house in a mag and wondered where the kids would sit and eat goldfish crackers, or if people really live there?

The article got me thinking about another benefit of imperfection: the fact that embracing imperfection can be relaxing. By acknowledging that imperfection is a fact, the search for perfect can end...if you let it.
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Case of Bass
Jul 30
[After carrying my little red Case of Bass around for the last weekend and having people comment on it, a re-post seemed warranted. Any guest can plug in and play music, or a favorite off YouTube, whatever. Also! All those videos with crap sound on your phone / iPad? Plug them into the Case of Bass and hear what's going on. This works wonderfully for SNL skits. Watch the iPad, listen to the Case of Bass. It's a multi-purpose tool.]

It's time to think about entertaining outside. Gin and tonic and lime and friends and the smell of Coppertone.
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Jul 8
Art art art. Most of us need or want art. The stuff we love is too expensive, the art we can afford is basically a glorified poster. And then. And then there’s the tantalizing world of local, non-traditional, experimental art. Does this belong in your house? Does it belong in anyone’s house? What the hell is art anyway?
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