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Jun 18
It's time to get outside. We're having freakishly gorgeous weather in Portland, and inside activities can resume in late October. Plus it's the solstice. I'm guessing you usually slaughter a goat, cover yourself with blood, and dance around some stone figurine. Isn't that getting a little old? This year, let's do something really crazy: make something for your outdoor living space out of salvage. Your skin and the goat will thank you.

Need some ideas? I'm here to oblige!
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Jun 10
(Another repeat! This one for the summer road-trip season...because I know you have a road-trip scheduled.)

You know what Joshua Tree is, right? Sure, it's an album by U2. If that's your answer, you are a philistine. As am I. Turns out Joshua Tree is also...a tree, and a National Park in California. You learn something new every day! I figured this out when I drove by "Joshua Tree National Park" off-ramp signs on I10 in Cali. Being a quick study, I figured the park was probably around long before the U2 album.
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Headboard Thoughts
Jun 3
(Yes! It's a repeat - but a damn good repeat!)

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and start making a mental list? Stuff you have to do, something you need to remember, the solution to a problem, some awesome idea?
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Apr 23
I have a friend who can fix just about anything. His wife once famously said, "He is especially good at changing filters." I laughed for two days. I suspect he's good for more than that, but changing filters is a really big deal.

(Originally posted in 2012)
Apr 22
My egg / yellow / closet room is finished - and there's no better feeling than a project completed! (Maybe if a remodeling project wrapped up while I was sunbathing and Idris Elba was massaging my feet...) In this thing called real life, however, finishing a project is pretty much the pinnacle of accomplishments.
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Mar 24
A friend texted me today with a question. She has an old throw pillowcase in jacquard material (a densely woven patterned fabric), and wants to know what to do with it. It's 18x18 inches - a decent size.
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Coolest. Couch. Ever!
Feb 27
I have a small house without much room for furniture. That's a bit weird because I see smaller houses all the time with MORE room for furniture than in my house. As an accountant you'd think I'd be able to explain that math. Here's the best explanation I can come up with: Open floor plan split into two floors. Lots of walls, not a lot of floor. And perhaps that's how I ended up with a sofa obsession.
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Feb 20
Last week the egg had its photo debut as an all-in-one-piece egg (no longer a Humpty egg). It was only missing two things: the wall to keep me from falling into the only-room, and getting that sucker into my house. Important steps, to be sure.
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Feb 17
This crazy yellow room is a difficult one to visualize. We're now getting to the point where different stages can actually be seen in pictures, which is pretty cool. Progress has been happening for a month, but now it's at critical mass - the work has moved to the house!
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Paper Bag Floors
Feb 13
(This is a re-post. Yesterday a friend said she'd never heard of this, so it's time for a paper-bag-floor refresher.)

Someone told me the other day that they were going to re-do their floors with paper bags. Um, what? Oh, the humiliation! I hate not being up on every trend. To be honest, though, I'm used to the feeling.