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Jun 22
More updates in the What I've Sold Lately On eBay Category: All the unopened packages of pantyhose from my office days - about $15 a package; my college calculator - $100; five Swatch watches from the '80s (no working battery in any watch so it's unknown if the watches work, and some of the straps were broken) - about $16 each; a pair of old Ray Ban sunglasses for $25; nonstop clothes and shoes, including swimsuits. Sound crazy? It is. Trust me - you have stuff that will sell!

Update: I've added two pics to this post: numbers 6 and 7. These painted pieces will be used to create the look of pic 4. Pretty cool, right?

I have been spreading joy this holiday season!! No, not with my sunny personality or rapier-sharp wit, though I'm sure that was your first guess. I've been spreading joy from California to Texas to Alabama to the Bronx and Queens by cleaning out my closet and selling the goods on eBay.
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Feb 18
Did you have a good V-day? Were jewelry, flowers, or dinner involved in your weekend? Or have you forgotten that Valentine's is even a thing? (OK, it's a Hallmark holiday.) Do you scoff at the idea of a mall-created, mass-produced frenzy of consumerism? I fall in the latter category, plus I hate hearts. And pink.
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New Year’s Purge
Jan 7
Bon Appetit starts a new year with food recommendations to cleanse your system. Gyms are offering memberships and motivation to get in shape. But me? I just want you to get some crap out of the house. Which is much, much simpler than a food cleanse or joining a gym.
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If You’re Blue…
Dec 3
The holidays are challenging times in general, but for some people they are freaky hard. Today I was walking down the street and a crow was picking at a freshly run-over squirrel. A truly disgusting sight. And my brain immediately went to: "Ahhh, the holidays".
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Jul 23
Let's talk the straight poop about cleaning out a house in one fast and furious weekend. This oh-so-crappy task is one I have recently had to accomplish, and it sucks about 30 million times as much as you would imagine. There are services out there that will help you, but how do they stack up against each other? Has this question been keeping you awake at night? (Along with questions about the Greek debt crisis?) You're in luck. I have some insight, but only about the cleaning. The Greece situation is out of my wheelhouse.
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May 28
As a subscriber to 43,000 blogs, design sites, listservs, etc., I am so busy reading that I barely have any time to get anything done. In a way this is fine, as it keeps me from getting in trouble. On the other hand, lifting my head from the computer would be a nice change of pace. But how?! How can I stop reading when there are fantastic posts like this one from Apartment Therapy about home upgrades that are totally unnecessary? Answer: I cannot stop reading, and gathering great ideas, and collecting things I love / want / need, and making lists - and perhaps neither can you.
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May 20
It's that time of year. The sun is out, the plants are blooming, you're sneezing, and the house looks really dirty. It's the sun. It shows what's really on the floor. And, you know what that is? Winter. Winter is on the floor. So you start cleaning and pretty soon you are CLEANING. Emptying closets and looking under the bed and generally getting disgusted with the state of your house. This happens every year, and every year you come across items that perplex you: old instructional CDs, perhaps? They seem to come with every purchase, and they're totally useless. They cannot go in the recycle bin, but where the hell do they go?
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Apr 2
If you're a shopper, you probably have a lot of shoes. If you're female, you probably have a lot of shoes. If you're into athletics (runner? soccer player?), you probably have a lot of shoes. Whether you buy high end or Payless brand, if you're American you have a closetful of shoes. It's a thing with us. Ain't it great to be an American?
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Mar 5
This is about the right time of year for a discussion about cleaning out the garage, and where to take all that stuff in it. Since I wrote this post I have also discovered Freecycle. I posted some mattresses this week on Freecycle and they were gone in 12 hours. Nice. It's going to be sunny this weekend. Time to clean the garage....and here's the repeat:

Judging by the crowds at the Farmer's Market (Sunday mornings at Hillsdale), people in Portland are pretty damn passionate about locally sourced and fantastic food.
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Feb 26
I recently read Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and loved it. Really loved it. Some of it might be a tad ridiculous, but what isn't a tad ridiculous? The news? Fashion? The Kardashians?
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