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Feb 3
Am I late to this party? Has everyone out there already checked out freecycle? I first heard about it several years ago when a friend mentioned how she was able to easily get rid of a pile of sandbox sand cluttering up her yard. She posted the free sand on freecycle and someone came and picked it up. Easy peasy. Unwanted sand no longer cluttering the yard.
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Creating Zero Garbage
Dec 9
Recently I've come across two new (to me) and nifty articles on creating zero garbage. Let me introduce you to Lauren Singer, who hasn't created any trash in two years! I love this idea, and I aspire to it. And yet, I also fail miserably every day in my pursuit of zero garbage.
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The Religion of Less
Dec 4
I am in the middle of a fantastic book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. The author, Marie Kondo, is a professional organizer / declutterer from Japan, and she treats the process of discarding like a religion. Like a religion!
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Repair Café in November
Nov 14
OK folks, have you been to a Repair Café yet?
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Oct 16
The holidays are a tough time. They should be fun, but often they're just stressful. Between the travel, the spending, the awful work parties, and the pressure to find the perfect gift, it's no wonder people go a bit nuts. The commercialism becomes wacky, and when you mix in family time, the tipping point is often breached. Chaos ensues, heavy drinking is the result, and then you wake up the next morning with weird pictures on FB and Instagram.
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Art Swap Part Deux
Oct 10
The first art swap was such a success that we decided to have a second go at it. Same idea: food, drink, and friends to enjoy, art to swap. This time on a Thursday night rather than a weekend brunch, but the same essential idea. The second swap happened in June. Why haven't you heard about it until now? Hmmm, good question. Probably because it was a total, abject failure.
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Jun 4
Most houses contain a boatload of toxic chemicals. Don't believe me? Check under your kitchen, bathroom, or utility sink. Yep, it's those damn cleaners. And they're not just toxic, they're sold in plastic bottles with plastic pumps. Double whammy. Chemicals and plastic all in one happy package that do nothing but destroy the earth (dramatic drum roll, please).
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May 2
You ready for summer? For the tomatoes and berries, swimsuits, farmers' markets, shorts, free toes, driving with the top down, shaving your legs more often? The smell of sunscreen? The deliciousness of a tiny bit of sunburn? Diving into a lake or river to cool off?

Note: after this ran in OH I found this on Remodelista. More info is good!
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Apr 1
When the sun peeks out between rain and hailstorms in April, one thing is certain. You'll see how dirty your windows are.
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Feb 6
Personally, I'm a bit fond of extremes. But I don't always participate in those extremes. Let's put it this way. Do you watch the X Games? They're fun, right? But do you want to participate in the X Games? Not so much, perhaps. For most of us, watching the X Games from the couch with a frosty beer in hand is the perfect spectator sport.
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