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Jan 9
Have you ever reached a plateau in some activity? Perhaps you've been trying to break a seven minute mile for years, or break through level 53 on Candy Crush?
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Stuff You May Not Need!
Dec 21
I really enjoyed this Houzz article about why it might be a good idea to ditch your fireplace. The idea, see, is that you might not need it due to inefficiency, local air quality restrictions, storage needs, or some other reason.
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A Swapping Christmas?
Dec 3
The other night I was playing Mah-Jongg with friends, and we started talking Christmas. Do you have a lot of gifts to buy? Have you started shopping yet? That kind of thing. The usual for the season.
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Prep for an Art Swap
Oct 16
I keep postponing sending the invites for an art swap party. The date is picked, and the time, so why am I hesitating? Am I chicken? Do I not really want to host the party? No, that's not the issue.
Oct 4
Remember the crusaders? Those guys who ran around making war as a way to spread Christianity? Perhaps they also invented the word 'oxymoron'. Anyway, I've been on a crusade, too. About a year ago I made a concerted effort to decrease the amount of plastic sitting in my garbage at the end of the month. It hasn't been a giggle-riot, let me tell you that. It's an all-out war. Against plastic.
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Ebay Fun for Spring
May 14
Chances are you've bought something on ebay. Personally, I got addicted to ebay because of the Bakelite, hose nozzles, and vintage Skyy vodka ads. (You can buy different print versions from all over the world. A friend collects, which makes these awesome gifts.) But I had never tried selling anything and was eager to give it a whirl.
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Apr 24
I was going to infuse my cleaning vinegar for a more appealing spritz, but I could not find the damn instructions. So I did it my way, and then I found the instructions. Works every time.
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Green Depot in PDX
Apr 18
I've been following Green Depot on FB for a while, and I finally made it to their store in SE PDX.
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Coconut Oil
Apr 16
After discovering how much I love vinegar and its multiple uses around the house, I was on the hunt for other multiple-use natural products.
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The Lure of Simplifying
Mar 19
I recently read a couple of awesome articles about simplifying your life by reducing your stuff. What stuff? All that stuff in your house, your garage, your storage facility (your DVD drawers?).
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