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Donating Unusual Items
Apr 26
A friend wants to shed a lifetime's accumulation of sh** so she can sell her big house and move to a two-bedroom condo on a golf course. No yard. Not much furniture. No need for closets full of paper bags, odd cooking supplies, and late-night impulse purchases from the Home Shopping Network. You know what I'm talking about, right? The sham-wow? Seventy-three sets of sheets for four beds? Your closets probably look the same. (My house does, pictured above. The sham-wow's in a cupboard.)
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Got Old Vinyl?
Apr 12
I have a friend with old records stacked all over her house. Hundreds of them. Probably thousands. She would like to get rid of them, but where to start? Who wants them? The volume of the collection is intimidating - there are enough black, round disks to build a tiny house in her back yard. What do you do with your vinyl treasures? Sell them one by one? Take them someplace and ask for a lump sum? Donate them?
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Feb 22
I have a grand piano in my house. It's a small house, and the piano takes up serious space.
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V Day Challenges
Feb 9
Have you ever noticed that life is full of dilemmas? Of course, if you're fortunate enough to be in the U.S., chances are your dilemmas are pretty tame. You're not a refugee. You're not displaced.
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Nov 10
My friend Shannon is amazing. He has started sewing again, and he haunts thrift stores for cool clothing. He doesn't want the clothing to wear, necessarily. He wants to take it apart.
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Jun 22
More updates in the What I've Sold Lately On eBay Category: All the unopened packages of pantyhose from my office days - about $15 a package; my college calculator - $100; five Swatch watches from the '80s (no working battery in any watch so it's unknown if the watches work, and some of the straps were broken) - about $16 each; a pair of old Ray Ban sunglasses for $25; nonstop clothes and shoes, including swimsuits. Sound crazy? It is. Trust me - you have stuff that will sell!

Update: I've added two pics to this post: numbers 6 and 7. These painted pieces will be used to create the look of pic 4. Pretty cool, right?

I have been spreading joy this holiday season!! No, not with my sunny personality or rapier-sharp wit, though I'm sure that was your first guess. I've been spreading joy from California to Texas to Alabama to the Bronx and Queens by cleaning out my closet and selling the goods on eBay.
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May 5
Nobody ever asks to see my vacation photos. Know why? Because my photos are mostly trash - and I don't mean my composition is lousy, and I'm not being self-critical. When on a trip, I mainly take pics of local trash and pollution, and of recycling efforts. If there are any. It's not intentional, but when I get home, that's all that's on the camera. Trash.
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May 3
You're probably familiar with this procrastination technique: reading everything you can find on the internet about some random topic. The topic is not important! The history of galoshes? Crucial information, particularly if it keeps you from cleaning the bathroom.
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Trade Shows & Waste
Apr 22
My friend Eve recently texted me from a publisher's trade show in L.A. She was reporting on ridiculous event policy, which probably has its own hashtag. She took her re-usable cup to the trade show, but the coffee vendors wouldn't fill it. It was against their rules.
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Repair Café Etiquette
Apr 19
Due to this or that, I hadn't been at a Repair Café event in over a year. I figured that things might have changed a ton, but I was wrong. The volunteers were still happy, repairs were still getting made, and on this particular summer-like evening, the sun was still shining. Perfection. Whether your cause is keeping accumulated stuff out of the landfill, teaching bike repair or community service, the Repair Café offers a wonderful group of people dedicated to repairing rather than tossing.
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