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The January Blues
Jan 13
Do you get the January blues? I do, and this year I have 'em bad. And it's not because I'm missing the holiday season. On the contrary - I'm absurdly relieved to have the holiday season in the rear-view mirror. Buh-bye! And, don't hurry back.
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New Year’s Purge
Jan 7
Bon Appetit starts a new year with food recommendations to cleanse your system. Gyms are offering memberships and motivation to get in shape. But me? I just want you to get some crap out of the house. Which is much, much simpler than a food cleanse or joining a gym.
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Dec 9
I bet we all have a stack of corporate gifts somewhere, likely in a closet or in the basement. Oddly sized duffle bags, post-its, LOTS of water bottles, maybe some hats, pens, t-shirts - all emblazoned with a corporate logo. These are the thanks you get for being a loyal client or attending an event. Such gifts are handed out at the door and you take them automatically. Who would turn down a gift? That's just silly. Free stuff is good.

Or is it?
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Nov 25
Christmas is now on full display in Costco, in all its plastic glory: Trees, decorations, lights, bizarre nutcracker men. All mass-produced, all shipped from somewhere, and most wrapped in plastic.

(Yes, it's a repeat - but a timely one!)
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Nov 19
We're all a little crazy, right? You're crazy about animal rights, land mines, conflict-free diamonds, the local music scene, Warren Buffet's bridge game, something important. When you're crazy passionate about something, chances are you talk about it a tad too much.
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Cuba for Christmas?
Oct 22
How are you feeling about the upcoming holidays? Excited? Or maybe you would rather pull your toenails out with a tweezer? I fall in the latter category: extremely humbug-ish. The adult thing to do would be face the holiday sitch head on and deal with my issues. But instead I've decided to head out of dodge for warmer climes and pretend that the holidays are not a thing. It's the mature response. Obvs.
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A Salvaged Halloween
Oct 8
(It's a repeat for a reason - it's Halloween and you need a costume!)

I am putting this out there now so that you can start on Halloween 2014. This is NOT crazy! For those of us who lovelovelove Halloween, it's never too early. Plus, these ideas use salvage / scrap / trash. No purchased plastic crap from the store - that's boring! And you're not boring.
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Sep 30
Does this happen to you? You go to pull out your recycling, and you notice the freakish amount of liquor bottles in the glass bin. You pause. You think about what the recycle guy (mine are guys) must think of you. You hope that instead of judging, they just wish you'd invite them to your next party. But you suspect they're judging.
Aug 6
I need an editor for the voice in my head. That damn internal voice somehow manages to be an energy / time suck. Of course there's all the usual self-critical crap (I should swear more, drink more, be meaner to strangers and small children); that noise I'm used to. The bigger problem is that the voice in my head seems to be a hoarder. It wants me to hold on to all kinds of weird crap, both emotional and physical.
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Jul 1
If you've ever driven down Old Salem Road in Albany, you may have driven under a large metal tube passing over the road (Pic 1). It was used by the IP (International Paper) pulp and paper mill (the stinky Albany plant) to transport steam and electricity from one side of the road to the other. Was used. As of June 24th, it's gone. As is most of the rest of the mill that used to stand on Old Salem Road. It's smells better (have you noticed)? But it's a bit sad to see the emptiness.
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