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Jun 10
(Another repeat! This one for the summer road-trip season...because I know you have a road-trip scheduled.)

You know what Joshua Tree is, right? Sure, it's an album by U2. If that's your answer, you are a philistine. As am I. Turns out Joshua Tree is also...a tree, and a National Park in California. You learn something new every day! I figured this out when I drove by "Joshua Tree National Park" off-ramp signs on I10 in Cali. Being a quick study, I figured the park was probably around long before the U2 album.
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Headboard Thoughts
Jun 3
(Yes! It's a repeat - but a damn good repeat!)

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and start making a mental list? Stuff you have to do, something you need to remember, the solution to a problem, some awesome idea?
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May 28
As a subscriber to 43,000 blogs, design sites, listservs, etc., I am so busy reading that I barely have any time to get anything done. In a way this is fine, as it keeps me from getting in trouble. On the other hand, lifting my head from the computer would be a nice change of pace. But how?! How can I stop reading when there are fantastic posts like this one from Apartment Therapy about home upgrades that are totally unnecessary? Answer: I cannot stop reading, and gathering great ideas, and collecting things I love / want / need, and making lists - and perhaps neither can you.
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May 6
It's almost sum, sum, summertime in Oregon - which means heaven is around the corner. With our 500 shades of green, and flowers and water galore, Oregon doesn't just look good in the summer, it smells good, too.
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Apr 23
I have a friend who can fix just about anything. His wife once famously said, "He is especially good at changing filters." I laughed for two days. I suspect he's good for more than that, but changing filters is a really big deal.

(Originally posted in 2012)
Banking Your Eco-Credits
Apr 14
Do you understand carbon credits? Me neither. I do, however, understand a concept I invented - my own eco-credits. It works something like this: I do as much as possible to reduce trash every day. The primary reason is to benefit the environment, but the side benefit is more personal. When I find myself in a situation where going trash-free seems insurmountable, I let myself have a pass.
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Apr 1
I love Oprah. I read her mag every month and get the online alerts. But I don't always love the tips in her magazine / site. Sometimes they're wasteful and even - dare I say it? - a little plastic-y. For fun, let's analyze this article on the (sarcasm alert) delightfully creative ways you can use plastic wrap to improve your life.
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Mar 26
Let's have a refresher discussion about what you can take away from a conversation with an extremist. Seriously. Never overlook an opportunity to learn something new!
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Mar 24
A friend texted me today with a question. She has an old throw pillowcase in jacquard material (a densely woven patterned fabric), and wants to know what to do with it. It's 18x18 inches - a decent size.
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Mar 18
April is so much fun! It rains A. LOT. There's Easter, which people celebrate with Peeps. Sometimes in Oregon it even freezes on Easter, which makes those egg hunts pretty sketchy. Kids don't care about the cold, though, if there are Peeps. Personally, I think Peeps are nasty. Some people I know blow up Peeps in the microwave for kicks. Google it! And then there's April 15. Tax day. That's a fun one. So April is great. Not summer, not winter...just rainy. Sometimes you can avoid some of these unpleasant activities (like the Peeps), but you can't avoid paying your taxes. Usually.
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