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Mar 13
When I bought this house, my mom told me to budget $200 / month for repairs and emergencies.
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Mar 12
At breakfast this morning, one of my friends mentioned that the only time she uses plastic bags at the grocery store is to hold her vegetables. Not her lemons or limes, that's silly, but she doesn't want her veggies to come in contact with the checkout roller counter.
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Mar 5
This is about the right time of year for a discussion about cleaning out the garage, and where to take all that stuff in it. Since I wrote this post I have also discovered Freecycle. I posted some mattresses this week on Freecycle and they were gone in 12 hours. Nice. It's going to be sunny this weekend. Time to clean the garage....and here's the repeat:

Judging by the crowds at the Farmer's Market (Sunday mornings at Hillsdale), people in Portland are pretty damn passionate about locally sourced and fantastic food.
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Feb 26
I recently read Marie Kondo's book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and loved it. Really loved it. Some of it might be a tad ridiculous, but what isn't a tad ridiculous? The news? Fashion? The Kardashians?
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Feb 18
This article about a dead Walmart in Texas blew my mind. An old post looked at this topic a few years ago, but turning a Walmart into a library? Congrats to McAllen, Texas: this is the most creative use of a mall yet. Their dead Walmart now contains:

...16 public meeting spaces, 14 public study rooms, 64 computer labs, 10 children’s computer labs, and 2 genealogy computer labs.

And a Farmer's Market. Sweet.
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Feb 11
As I've mentioned, I'm sitting in Spain at the moment, deluding myself that my Spanish is improving. The reality, of course, is quite different. Trash is on my mind a bit too much to study vocab.
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Feb 5
This post is a total cheat. I'm excited about my yellow room, so I'm sharing pics and calling it a post! Wait, wait, wait! Maybe this is a salvage tutorial? Yes, let's go with that. It's a salvage tutorial.
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Feb 3
Am I late to this party? Has everyone out there already checked out freecycle? I first heard about it several years ago when a friend mentioned how she was able to easily get rid of a pile of sandbox sand cluttering up her yard. She posted the free sand on freecycle and someone came and picked it up. Easy peasy. Unwanted sand no longer cluttering the yard.
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Jan 27
I made a new friend! In the basic Spanish class I am taking there is only one other student. I totally lucked out. Anja's from Holland and is also not too fond of the classroom. We would both rather have a drink on the beach and learn Spanish from waiters. Gin tonica please, con lima (which never happens, though sometimes I am able to get cucumber slices with my gin, which is very nice).
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Jan 22
I'm currently in Málaga, Spain, taking Spanish classes. My Spanish blows, FYI. If you had asked me before this trip about my language skills I would have confidently said, Oh, yeah, I speak a little Spanish. Turns out I don't.
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