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Maximalism and Salvage
Sep 16
Years ago I was trying to put a label on myself - design-wise. Labels are stupid, of course, and frustrating. And insidiously addictive. While I protest loudly against them, in the middle of the night I'm susceptible too - what's my design philosophy? I knew I wasn't a minimalist - never that! - but whatever the direct opposite of minimalism is, that would probably describe me. Maximalism? Was that even a thing? Turns out it is, and I would say I'm a type of maximalist - a salvage maximalist.
Paper Bag Floors
Feb 13
(This is a re-post. Yesterday a friend said she'd never heard of this, so it's time for a paper-bag-floor refresher.)

Someone told me the other day that they were going to re-do their floors with paper bags. Um, what? Oh, the humiliation! I hate not being up on every trend. To be honest, though, I'm used to the feeling.
Mar 6
You know that saying, it's not what you know, it's who you know? Well, it's probably true. It's entirely possible that connections are more important than actual knowledge. During a job search or when trying to get your child into that high society kindergarten, having an IN with a board member is probably your biggest asset. Likewise, if you're interested in locating odd bits of salvage in Portland, it's helpful to be dialed into the Repair Café folks.
Jan 29
Questions about bamboo floors are common, and this post from Remodelista addresses them beautifully. And here's an old post from me that discusses the subject as well, with some bamboo shopping links.

Readers have great Qs. And, often these highlight the fact that there are no easy answers in life - even when it comes to being kind to our environment.
Oct 3
Here’s a new word for us – chromophobia. It means the fear of color. Did you already know this one? Not I! And did you also know there are people out there who study color – the history of color, color vis-à-vis colonialism, color and how it affects your mood. Who the heck knew? I once met a guy who sold enzymes for use in jam / jelly production – a totally random job that makes you think about all the careers out there. The study of color sounds more fun, which probably means it doesn’t pay as well as enzyme sales.
An Extra Can of Paint
Jun 19
After your last painting project, did you end up with a spare gallon? Do you ever stop at the paint section at some store and look at all the pretty colors? Yeah, me too. Would you like to try out some of those colors just on a whim, or use up your left-over paint - without committing to a big, expensive project?
Jun 11
Here's another part of your house that is probably feeling ignored - your stair risers.
Jun 7
Yes, leather. (It's not just for bikinis.) You can find great scraps of leather in remnant piles at the fabric store. Repurpose leather clothing found while thrifting. And, check this out: there are tiles made of leather. Did you know this? If so, have you contemplated using recycled leather tile around the house? It does not have to be a big project, dear reader. Here is a small summer project for you to consider and possibly attempt!
Greenhouses and Salvage
May 23
I have seen many greenhouses over the years, and most have not made much of an impression - except that they usually smell funny and have a weird warmth that is not particularly pleasant.
An Old Door
Mar 31
Last week a friend was in Alabama for Spring Break, and she found something cool - an old Airstream door. It was sooo cool - metal and curved with hinges still on it.