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Nov 2
Since I have a house project coming up, I'm shopping.
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Ever Been to an Auction?
Jun 8
My friend Lori, she of the ongoing kitchen remodel, had some furniture to sell. Table, chairs, light fixture, china cabinet. While these were still good pieces, their days were numbered. The new kitchen was rendering them obsolete. They needed to go.
Jun 1
This beautiful weather and the fact that I'm having a cocktail party on Thursday have me working in the yard. There's nothing like a party to get you motivated to get sh** done. Being a plant genius, I requested a friend stop by to help me with a super-serious question: Were my tomato plants in fact weeds, and not in any way, shape, or form actual tomatoes?
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Mar 23
Artist Allison May Kiphuth's dioramas in tiny boxes blew my mind this morning (thanks Colossal!). Boxes come in all sizes, though, and there's so many ways to use them. Here's an old post....

While recently scanning Houzz articles (one of my favorite activities), I came across this freakishly cool bar made out of pallets and crates.
Let’s Mix It Up
Nov 6
Currently I'm having a slight problem with Korean drama addiction. Sleep, books, the yard have all fallen by the wayside as I watch Master's Sun and Healer. And so much more. I'm hoping this is just a phase, but don't really care. And, at least, I can still surf while reading subtitles. That's something, right? Which is how I came across this post about mismatched bar stools.
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A Salvaged Halloween
Oct 8
(It's a repeat for a reason - it's Halloween and you need a costume!)

I am putting this out there now so that you can start on Halloween 2014. This is NOT crazy! For those of us who lovelovelove Halloween, it's never too early. Plus, these ideas use salvage / scrap / trash. No purchased plastic crap from the store - that's boring! And you're not boring.
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Apr 23
I have a friend who can fix just about anything. His wife once famously said, "He is especially good at changing filters." I laughed for two days. I suspect he's good for more than that, but changing filters is a really big deal.

(Originally posted in 2012)
Mar 24
A friend texted me today with a question. She has an old throw pillowcase in jacquard material (a densely woven patterned fabric), and wants to know what to do with it. It's 18x18 inches - a decent size.
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Mar 20
(I remember this shopping trip like it was yesterday - but it was almost a year ago exactly. Jeez! If you're looking for a different outing this weekend, try Salem!! Here's the repeat....)

Do you have a favorite place in Salem - for food, for shopping, for coffee? Or do you just drive by on the way to some other place, slowing down due to the large number of cops patrolling the freeway around the Capitol?
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Jan 27
I made a new friend! In the basic Spanish class I am taking there is only one other student. I totally lucked out. Anja's from Holland and is also not too fond of the classroom. We would both rather have a drink on the beach and learn Spanish from waiters. Gin tonica please, con lima (which never happens, though sometimes I am able to get cucumber slices with my gin, which is very nice).
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