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Nov 18
Have you ever seen a collection of broken items? I'm not talking about the broken stuff in your junk drawer, or the broken toys in the upstairs closets, or the broken Christmas ornaments you cannot bring yourself to discard. I'm talking about broken stuff that is collected intentionally and appreciated. Maybe even loved.
Oct 7
Last week was a shopping week, apparently. One friend wanted to find vintage signs, another wanted clothes, other wanted to wander Aurora. What's a gal to do? I'm a giver, so I shopped.
May 16
(A repeat - because buckets are another great d├ęcor item for parties and weddings!)

This is no joke. A collection of salvaged buckets is priceless around the home. Priceless, I say!
May 13
This is repeat post, prompted by this info in an email from Salvage Works in North Portland: "Just in time for wedding season. Vintage Mason jars and antique medicine bottles make great vases for romantic flower bouquets. All clear jars are $3, all blue and purple jars are $10."

A friend recently asked for help with a specific party problem - decorating ideas. She needed to decorate for 8th grade graduation, and balloons / crepe paper were mentioned and then quickly abandoned as options. Balloons are hell on the environment and critters within, and crepe paper is a disposable. What to do? How 'bout some good-for-the-environment options for party decorations?
Old Picture Frames
May 9
This cool post from Remodelista about repairing old / vintage / antique / thrifted picture frames got me thinking.
Decorating with Books
Mar 27
Books books books. They're stacked next to the couch, under the table, on the stairs, and spilling off the shelves. Some houses are overrun with books.
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Feb 18
On first dates I used to ask guys if they ever had been in jail, or with a prostitute. You know, important values-based stuff like that. These were barometer questions as well as conversation starters. And now I'm thinking that perhaps this question should be added to the mix: What do you think of getting up at 6am in order to hit Friday garage sales bright and early?
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Feb 4
My mom often sees things she likes when out shopping, but she doesn't buy them. Sometimes this is logical - she has a lot of stuff. But other times her reason is this: she doesn't know where she would put the painting / table / bowl / whatever. Her house in Arizona was new, big, and empty, but she would say she didn't know where something would be placed. Nuts, right? If you like something and you have an empty house, you will figure out where it will go.
Jan 24
Most people collect something. Actually, let's put it this way - cool people collect stuff. Cool stuff. Covetable things.
Nov 1
Did you see this Houzz post In Praise of Silliness?
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