Cuba Prep - Part 1
Mar 30
Considering a Cuba trip to keep up with the Obama family? There's good news if you are: Starwood is planning to manage two hotels on the island. This means more flights to Cuba, and it's possible individuals will no longer need government approval before traveling. Even this week before Obama landed, it was announced that US banks can now accept / honor transactions made in Cuba. Progress!
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Mar 23
Artist Allison May Kiphuth's dioramas in tiny boxes blew my mind this morning (thanks Colossal!). Boxes come in all sizes, though, and there's so many ways to use them. Here's an old post....

While recently scanning Houzz articles (one of my favorite activities), I came across this freakishly cool bar made out of pallets and crates.
Shopping Salvage All Day
Mar 18
Today I saw a post somewhere about all the things you can do with a $3.99 Ikea rug. I love Ikea hacks - the people who think them up are beyond clever. The problem, however, is that you cannot change the fact that you get what you pay for. In terms of longevity, design, quality materials, and beauty, it will always be a $3.99 rug. And at some point in your life, wouldn't it be nice to buy something better? Something that will last?
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The Good Old Days
Mar 9
My dad always used to say that the only good thing about the good old days is that they were over. And he was right.
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Feb 23
Recently I was hanging with friends, one of whom had just been to the doctor. She was bandaged up and changing ice packs every few hours. Ick, right? She threw out an old ice pack (the single use only variety) and looked over at me. I know, I know, she said. It's plastic. It's waste. It's bad for the environment. (But good for the bruises.)
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Feb 18
Did you have a good V-day? Were jewelry, flowers, or dinner involved in your weekend? Or have you forgotten that Valentine's is even a thing? (OK, it's a Hallmark holiday.) Do you scoff at the idea of a mall-created, mass-produced frenzy of consumerism? I fall in the latter category, plus I hate hearts. And pink.
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Lighting and Salvage
Feb 11
How many times have we talked about the fact that it would be easier to get a guy to ask for directions than to find a good light fixture at a decent price? Or even a decent light fixture at an exorbitant price? It just ain't happening.
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Feb 3
Let's start with a video. I'm hoping it'll freak you out, but don't worry: nobody dies. There's a little blood, but it's not scary. There are no intestines being pulled out of a body, no chainsaws, and no ridiculous plot lines copied from earlier and better movies. There is just an uncomfortable turtle - and the turtle lives. But this video will probably freak you out anyway. Curious?
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Jan 29
As usual I was reading instead of working, and found this post about unconventional coffee tables. Love the post! But where would you find the materials to make these unconventional beauties? I'm here to tell you where, folks, and to expand upon the idea of unconventional. Using salvage of course.
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Jan 27
I haven't been hitting the thrift stores lately, but I have a decent excuse. It's Academy Award season, and I try to see all the movies nominated so that I can criticize the awards as intelligently as possible. The awards may not deserve intelligent criticism, but there you go. And all those movies have eaten into my thrifting. Stupid awards show.
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