Free Art at the Museum
Jan 22
This post needs updating yet again! The New York Public Library has joined the club of fantastic organizations offering hi-res images for free. Stuck in the snow this weekend? Keep yourself from going stir crazy by planning projects.

re: place note: This is a repeat! Why? Per a recent post on on Colossal, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has just released 400,000 images for download. (As an aside, check out the chains in pic 4 of the Colossal post! So cool.) The post below has some ideas about using those images around the home....

Have you heard about all the free stuff they're giving away at the museum? Seriously. Free art. Want to know more?
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Cuba’s Trash
Jan 20
When I started planning for a trip to Cuba, I was less curious about what to do and see than with what the country's trash situation would be. How much did people there reduce / re-use / recycle?
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The January Blues
Jan 13
Do you get the January blues? I do, and this year I have 'em bad. And it's not because I'm missing the holiday season. On the contrary - I'm absurdly relieved to have the holiday season in the rear-view mirror. Buh-bye! And, don't hurry back.
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New Year’s Purge
Jan 7
Bon Appetit starts a new year with food recommendations to cleanse your system. Gyms are offering memberships and motivation to get in shape. But me? I just want you to get some crap out of the house. Which is much, much simpler than a food cleanse or joining a gym.
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Dec 17
Modern furniture and modern style are both super popular these days, with good reason. Simple, clean furniture and design can be classy and calming, all in one. What's not to love?

(This is a repeat. I wrote something new, but it's crap. Back to the drawing board for that one.)
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Dec 9
I bet we all have a stack of corporate gifts somewhere, likely in a closet or in the basement. Oddly sized duffle bags, post-its, LOTS of water bottles, maybe some hats, pens, t-shirts - all emblazoned with a corporate logo. These are the thanks you get for being a loyal client or attending an event. Such gifts are handed out at the door and you take them automatically. Who would turn down a gift? That's just silly. Free stuff is good.

Or is it?
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If You’re Blue…
Dec 3
The holidays are challenging times in general, but for some people they are freaky hard. Today I was walking down the street and a crow was picking at a freshly run-over squirrel. A truly disgusting sight. And my brain immediately went to: "Ahhh, the holidays".
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Nov 25
Christmas is now on full display in Costco, in all its plastic glory: Trees, decorations, lights, bizarre nutcracker men. All mass-produced, all shipped from somewhere, and most wrapped in plastic.

(Yes, it's a repeat - but a timely one!)
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Nov 19
We're all a little crazy, right? You're crazy about animal rights, land mines, conflict-free diamonds, the local music scene, Warren Buffet's bridge game, something important. When you're crazy passionate about something, chances are you talk about it a tad too much.
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Nov 12
There is nothing like summer leaving in the review mirror to put me into a shopping frenzy. Actually, it's more like a drinking / eating / visiting / shopping frenzy. The desolation caused by the absence of sun sends me into a spin. And usually that spin cycle ends with an ugly credit card bill. Or two.
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